Month: November 2015

CAT 2015 Analysis: Same wine in three bottles

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It’s finally done and I am sure many of you would agree that it was pretty much smooth sailing for the better part of the test. In fact compared to the workout you would have had in the SimCATs, CAT 2015 like CAT 2014 would have been a jog in the park. I know, I know, DI-LR was tough but if even that was easy then we should not call it CAT! Advertisements

10 Things To Execute On CAT Day

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Unlike international tests like the GMAT or the GRE, the CAT is not a standardised test — new question types, difficulty levels can fluctuate, more questions than expected from a particular area. Given this it is imperative that you go in to the test with a few pointers both to manage the uncertainty as well as to ensure you optimise your performance during 180 minutes.

What should you do the day before the CAT?

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CAT Strat / Motivation

Over the posts and the classes you would have seen that I often use sport, cricket more than anything else, to put many things in perspective be it the technique to solve a question, the strategic approach towards an aptitude test and the mindset that you need to have going into a test. I find a great deal of similarity in the circumstances under which one needs to perform and the things one needs to […]

CAT 2017: How to manage your 180 minutes

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We have reached the last stretch now. We have done enough concepts, practice & strategy. We have now crossed an invisible frontier, we have moved from the general to the specific, from what is outside of you to what is inside of you, to that space between your ears. Those who have taken the CAT before will attest that how well you manage your 180 minutes, how well you react to tough set or a […]

How to improve your CAT 2015 Quant Score

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Blogging has been a great way to reach out to students outside of the class. I have been advocating the same to my colleagues who I feel can really help students with their insights. Vinayak Kudva, the Product Head for MBA in India at IMS is one such dear friend and colleague with over 12 years of experience in CAT training and unlike me is a champ at Quant! Head over to this new site […]

How to increase your score on the VA-RC Section of CAT 2015 – Part 2

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In the previous post, we discussed how to maximize your VA-RC score by increasing your accuracy on RC. In this post we will take a look at VA, time-allocation and order of attempts for the section as a whole. The VA section is not very different from RC for most test-takers in terms of maintaining a consistent accuracy. Grammar and vocab-based questions are the bugbear for many, while the rest of VA is the main […]

How to increase your VA-RC score on CAT 2015 – Part 1

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I have rarely done posts on CAT Verbal, the last one was this one on FIJs somewhere in 2013, and not entirely without reason. The VA-RC section has always been a peculiar section on the CAT. It is quite to tough to precisely answer the question — what do they actually test? In all honesty even they might not always be in the know! Be that as it may, your first objective is to ensure […]

The CAT 2015 Mock Test – An Analysis

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It has been a while since the new CAT 2015 software was put up on the IIM-CAT site (I have to admit I have always found the name a bit cheesy :)). I wanted to wait a while to see how test-takers react to the new pattern in the SimCATs before doling out any sort of advice. [space size=”” line=”yes” style=”solid”] [title text=”Running out of steam by the Quant section”] Most of the students I […]