CAT 2015 Results: Previous Years’ WAT-GD-PI Compilation

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B-School Selection / WAT-GD-PI

The results of a few IIMs are out and most aspirants would be eager to know what usually happens in the second stage. What are kind of topics that are posed by each institute? What sort of questions are asked in Per Interviews.

We have compiled a separate documents for each of the top institutes. Just one piece of advice before I share the link — Do not read the interview questions and start freaking out thinking what if they ask me this!

Each interviewee gets asked a separate set of questions based on either the way he comes across or the panelists’ whims and fancies. Two people with the exact same resume can get asked a completely different set of questions, which is how IIM interviews are unlike those conducted by international schools and ISB.

As I discussed in the first WAT-GD-PI session that we did last weekend, one of the questions that a student of mine got asked last year was — Will you take me out for a date?

Now there is no way you can expect that question again or prepare for similar questions. Look at the questions only to get a broad idea. Do not look at them as previous years’ papers to which you need to get answers.

What will be more relevant will be the WAT-GD topics. Last year’s topic at one institute can be this year’s topic at another. Please look at the topics and start researching about the same so that you will go in with a certain quantum and width of information.

Here is the link to the Google Drive Folder with all the institute specific goodies; it is a heavy folder so be patient while  the page loads.

Next up, a folder with things to read up.

By the way, as most of you would have assumed, the panelist who asked that date question was a female, thank god for small mercies!






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