CAT 2015 Results: WAT-GD-PI Toolkit

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Now that the calls have come out, most aspirants are worried about the crucial next stage — WAT-GD-PI. Writing an essay can be daunting, especially so, if you are not a regular follower of news and current affairs and then there is the recurrent fear — What if I do not know anything about the topic?

Well that odds of that happening depend upon the width of your reading. The wider you cast the net the higher the chance that the topic will be something your have come across.

What are topics that might come up this year?

In order to do make things easier here is a list of topics that are highly likely to feature in this year’s WAT as well as PIs. Some of these topics we have already done as part of our sessions and some of them we will be doing in the forthcoming sessions.

  • Arvind Kejriwal: Hero, Villain or Comedian? 
  • 24*7 News Channels: Making or Breaking News 
  • Has UN lost its relevance?
  • Ecology Versus Economy or Development Versus Environment? 
  • Can social media cause social change? 
  • Will e-tailing kill retailing – the rise and rise of e-commerce?
  • Is it time to abolish capital punishment? 
  • Should Article 377 be abolished or Should homosexuality be decriminalised? 
  • Should we judge a criminal by his age or by his actions (Juvenile Justice Act)
  • Oddly Even or Evenly Odd?
  • Net Neutrality: Free Basics or Conditions Apply?
  • And the award goes..back to the government! (Award Wapasi)
  • The sword is mightier than the pen (freedom of speech)
  • India and the intolerance debate
  • War is Peace (war on terror)

What should you read?

Firstly, as I keep re-iterating you have to read one regular newspaper and one business newspaper everyday. Also while reading if you encounter any term/event/organization about which you are not aware of then research immediately.

Secondly, I have created a Google Drive articles pertaining to, but not limited to, the topics outlined above. The articles are scholarly and not easy to read but they give you both facts as well as analysis.

WAT-GD-PI Toolkit

Reading these articles, including the McKinsey reports, is the only way to allay your fears that often taken the form of questions  — what if I do not have facts, what if somebody counters me with facts, what if I misunderstand the topic because I do not know what the word means…

Happy reading!





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