Month: February 2016

How to approach the IIM-A AWT

The IIM-A process involves an AWT as opposed to the WAT. The best way to understand the difference is to view the two as the two essays that the GMAT had earlier – Analysis of an Issue and Analysis of an Argument.

Should you take the GRE?

It might seem like an unlikely choice to consider in the aftermath of an unsatisfactory CAT but the GRE and the MS is possibly the one of the most under-rated career choices. One of the reasons for this is the false dichotomy that we buy into — MS or MBA, Techie or Manager. Let delve a bit more into the GRE and MS as a career option and what it means after your Plan A — an MBA.

How to approach the Indian B-School Personal Interview

Over the past four weeks I have been extremely tied-up doing WAT-GD-PI sessions for our students here in Chennai, which explains why the posts have become sporadic. Now that we are done with the Achievers Workshop here in Chennai there is more breathing space to do some writing. The IIM interview season has already started and aspirants would be trying to get as much insights as they can right from how to dress for the interview to how to reduce India fiscal deficit without affecting our growth! Amidst all of this clutter how does go in with the right perspective? What is the state of mind with which one should approach an interview? How you approach an interview will make all the difference.

How to make the video for the XLRI call?

All b-schools seem to be falling over each other in trying to pose questions or set tasks for call-getters or potential call-getters via their forms that are really unique. Gone are the simple what are your career goals or one incident where you demonstrated leadership skills; the new breed of questions are taking it to a different level altogether. A case in point is the latest set of questions that XLRI call-getters are supposed to fill.