CAT 2016: GD-PI Toolkit

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B-School Selection / CAT / WAT-GD-PI

Dear CAT 2016 Achievers,

Like we did last year, we have created a folder with articles curated to cover topics that might pop in this year’s WAT-GD-PIs.

The articles are not easy reads by far since they are from sources such as EPW and McKinsey. More than trying to agree or disagree with the views expressed, it would be best to look at them to get a more diverse set of examples and also incorporate view points other than your own into your essays and GDs.

The toolkit also contains all institute specific processes and topics from previous years.

Also, we will be updating this once a week, so do download the folder again next Monday.

CAT 2016: WAT-GD-PI Toolkit

Happy Reading!


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  1. Raghu Vinay says

    Hi Tony,

    I couldn’t view any files in the drive. Could you please help me here


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