Month: January 2018

GD-PI 2018 – Articles of Note

I have put together a compilation of articles on various topics of interest that might turn up in this year’s WAT-GD-PI season. Don’t speed-read these articles and make notes solely from a point of view of WAT-GD, as if you were preparing essay type answers on topics for a test in school. The narrower you go, the deeper the hole you dig yourself into.

GD-PI Toolkit 2018

Now that the results are out, most students are scrambling to get every ounce of GK or Current Affairs they can into their system. I keep joking that if I could administer an injection, I would have. But since that is not possible, what I have done is put together a list of different articles that might make useful reading, as well as a compilation of institute-specific processes and topics from previous years. The articles I fully assure you will be super boring and fairly long, but then there is that saying — the harder you work, the luckier you get. I will keep updating the folder as well. Read away. GD-PI Toolkit 2018          

7 things to do on XAT day

By now all of you would have taken one major MBA entrance test at the least. This means that you are familiar with the biggest challenge of all — uncertainty on test day IIFT turning out to be easier than usual CAT throwing up a tough DI-LR SNAP coming up with the GK section that made every one question the meaning of the word “general” For most aspirants (apart form those pursuing an education in HR at TISS) this is the last big attempt to get into a b-school this year. So here is the last to-do list, on which ticking all boxes will ensure that you achieve your dream — an MBA from a premier institution, a launching pad for a great career.