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As most of my students would know, I have been with IMS for more than a decade now.

But I started teaching for aptitude tests way back in the past, right after my graduation while preparing for the CAT a second time around.

At that time I felt that the teaching stint had a great role to play in my cracking the CAT; I felt the teaching made my thought process very clear when faced with a problem since one has to have utmost clarity of thought to explain a problem in such a way as many students understand the solution right away. Also one is always looking to find better, cleaner or to put it simply more elegant solutions to problems.

My first 6 years stint with IMS was with the Academics Dept and the last six months have been at the front-end teaching as well as running the business.

Starting next month I will be moving back to IMS HO as the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) for IMS.

Over the past year, I have met a lot of students across the country who are readers of the blog, so I was wondering if any you might be interested in working with us.

We have roles in both in teaching (both Bombay and in other locations) as well as in content development (only in Bombay at the HO). The remuneration will be depending on your profile, we pay at least as much if not higher than IT firms.

If any of you are interested then drop in a mail to with the following:

  1. A resume or CV
  2. A short answer as to why you feel you have the skill sets to take up a teaching role or a content development role in Verbal/QA-DI-LR. Experience is not mandatory since you have to start somewhere, I myself had no experience at all when I started teaching or designing content. Feel free to include anything that you feel will let us know why you feel you have the potential to take up the role — exam/test scores (SimCAT scores, if you have a tendency to bomb on test day), reading habits, prior informal teaching, love for the section, communication skills — anything that you feel captures your suitability.

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  1. Hi Kishan,
    Good to hear you want to work in content development. Send me your resume as mentioned in the post, we can take the process further, even if it’s for part-time.




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