Month: October 2018

How to increase your accuracy on RC – 2

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In the previous post, we discussed a strategy to approach RCs and solved an actual passage from CAT 2017 Slot 2. In this post, we will take up a few more passages from the same slot and execute the strategy. 
PASSAGE 2, 531 words

 During the frigid season it's often necessary to nestle under a blanket to try to stay warm. The temperature difference 
between the blanket and the air outside is so palpable that […]

How to increase your accuracy on RC – 1

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So much of a weight does RC have on the CAT, so many are the difficulties faced by test-takers and so frequent are the queries that I receive about RC, despite the previous post and the Last Mile To CAT sessions, that I thought that it will be best to devote a series of posts to cracking Reading Comprehension. So before we dive in, I suggest that you read the previous post that outlines how […]

How to increase your VA accuracy on the CAT

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One thing that has always bothered me a lot whenever I interact with students, is that they seem to be very reluctant to let go of their playing-the-percentages attitude to tests. Throughout school and college, we tend to study by playing the percentages — giving importance to topics as per the number of questions that appear from that topic in the exam. While this might be a great strategy for school and college exams, as […]