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As most of my students would know, I have been with IMS for more than a decade now.

But I started teaching for aptitude tests way back in the past, right after my graduation while preparing for the CAT a second time around.

At that time I felt that the teaching stint had a great role to play in my cracking the CAT; I felt the teaching made my thought process very clear when faced with a problem since one has to have utmost clarity of thought to explain a problem in such a way as many students understand the solution right away. Also one is always looking to find better, cleaner or to put it simply more elegant solutions to problems.

Over the past year, I have met a lot of students across the country who are readers of the blog, so I was wondering if any you might be interested in working with Amit Sir, Hemang Sir, and me (who IMS students will be familiar with from all the videos and Masterclasses).

We have openings three Openings — Studio Manager, Academic Specialist (Quant) Academic Specialist (Verbal).

All roles are based out of Mumbai. The remuneration will be depending on your profile, we pay at least as much if not higher than IT firms.


We are looking for a Video Production Manager who can manage, oversee video pre-production planning, post-production and ensure projects are on schedule. You need to coordinate with the internal team and cross-functional team, keep a record of the data of the daily production, review of all the videos, and scheduling of the shoots.

For this, we would need you to be someone capable of managing multiple stakeholders. We would need you to be well conversant with Excel, Word, Power-Point, Spreadsheets. We expect you to have excellent organisation, planning, and communication skills. You should have taken management entrance exams in the past 2-3 years (CAT, XAT, SNAP, CET, IIFT and/or others) with a respectable overall percentile. We would prefer people with at least 18 months of work experience.

We are looking for an Academic Specialist to help the senior faculty members to create e-learning content for the management entrance examinations. You should be able to think creatively for the video lesson plans. You will assist the faculty in taking the live sessions and doubt solving.
For this, you can be a fresher with strong aptitude skills. You may still have some work experience but not mandatory for this role. Of course, we would need you to be well conversant with Excel, Word, Power-Point and excellent organisation, planning and communication skills.
You should have taken the CAT/XAT/SNAP/IIFT/CET/GMAT/GRE in the past 1-3 years and should have scored well in any one of the sections — QA, DI-LR, or VA-RC

It goes without saying that the biggest perks of this job will be that you have direct everyday access to the best mentors in case you are taking another shot at the CAT.

If any of you are interested then drop in a mail to tony@imsindia.com with the following:

  1. A resume or CV and scorecards
  2. A short answer to the following question: Why do you feel you have the skill sets to take up this role? Feel free to include anything that you feel will let us know why you feel you have the potential to take up the role — exam/test scores (SimCAT scores, if you have a tendency to bomb on test day), reading habits, prior informal teaching, love for the section, communication skills — anything that you feel captures your suitability.


  1. wizhog 100 says

    sorry, sir, this is not related to this article .
    why don’t u write anything related to cet? i know there is another section/division of ims which works for cet but you shold also write for cet strategies it will be helpful.according to me until jbims is in the process cet has also importance.


    • Hi,

      Well, the reason I do not write anything related to CET is that I have never prepared for it myself, never taken the test, never taught for it, and never made content for it, as well. I have done all of the four extensively for CAT, GMAT, and GRE and thus write blog posts on the same.

      You might ask why not do the same for CET, well given my responsibilities taking up another test is not on the horizon 🙂

      That is why we asked Prasad Sawant, my colleague, who has cracked CET as well as graduated from JBIMS, to start a CET blog — https://crackingcet.com/about-ps/

      You should be able to find what you need there. Also, in case there are specific things that you want him to cover, do let him know through the comments section.

      Hope this helps,

      All the best!

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  2. Devaki says

    Hi sir,
    I’d like to know if these positions are still available and if I could mail you the details if they are.


  3. Saif Sagri says

    Hi Sir,
    I am a IMS Student who is interested to work with IMS Mumbai.Currently I am working in a IT Firm and have 16 months of workex.Had a query regarding faculty position whether IMS provides any trainings to the faculty members before they can take up the job?


  4. Sayantani Paul says

    Hi Sir,
    I’d like to know if the Verbal position is still open and if it is, then could I email you with my CV.


  5. Hi Sir,
    I am an IMS student, and I’d like to know if the Verbal position is still open, and if yes, then could I email you my CV?


  6. ANKIT VERMA says

    I would like to know if there are anymore positions available with IMS..I am going to write CAT again and would really love to work and study under IMS.


  7. Jagriti Aggarwal says

    Hi Sir,

    Will there be opening for academic specialist- Quant soon and will location be a problem for the coming months considering everybody is working from home.



    • Hi Jagriti,
      No openings in the content development team as of now. We are making do with the team we have.
      Thanks for enquiring,
      All the best!


  8. Jagriti Aggarwal says

    Hi sir,

    Will there be opening for academic specialist for quant anytime soon and will location be a problem a problem for the coming months as everybody is working from home.



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