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7 Skills to crack the CAT & enter the IIMs

Hello Dear Readers,

Given that the lockdown looks set to be around for a while and that it will be quite a while longer before any of us can get back to our colleges and workspaces, I thought I should do something to make things a bit more lively for the readers of the blog and for myself — start a webinar series.

Instead of covering what is already there on this blog, I thought I’ll take up things about CAT & MBA Prep from a slightly broader perspective that will help you view things in the right light.

We will kick off this Saturday, with a webinar — 7 Skills to crack the CAT & enter the IIMs — that will focus on a skills-centric preparation instead of a concept-centric one.

The other titles in this will be revealed through similar posts.

The link to join the webinar — https://tinyurl.com/y7bkwpux

P.S: The earlier link was one on Vimeo; I wanted to try it out because it allows unlimited attendees but a few other key features were a bit of a disappointment; doing it on Zoom now.

In case you are not able to attend or are locked out because there are more than 500 people do not worry, I will share the link of the recording.







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    • Hi Akshaya,

      We are editing the video to make it a tad crisper it should be up on myIMS and the blog by end of the day.

      Will do the next session on a platform that can accommodate 2000, the number of registrations we had.

      All the best!



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