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Webinar: Learning to learn Math


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  2. Yash Gupta says

    In problem 5
    S s+p
    0 300
    210 90
    210 as (300*12/15=240 -30 )
    It can reduce the calculation a bit as 150 is for all 15 people’s…
    And thanks for a wonderful session…


    • Hi Yash,

      Glad you liked the webinar.

      Good to see, you saw the 150 bit.

      I wanted to keep the learning limit to weighted averages since there are people at so many different levels attending the session.

      Didn’t want to dazzle and scare them at the same time by discussing next level stuff.

      Maybe I’ll do a purely crazy stunts webinar some time 🙂

      All the best!


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  4. Sakshi Sheoran says

    Hello Sir,
    I have been a fan of yours since I met you at last year’s LMTC Delhi Edition.
    How are the LMTC sessions being planned out this year? It doesn’t seem like it can be like the one that happened last year. So, City Specific Webinars or Pre-recorded Sessions?


    • Hi Sakshi,

      Good to know that you have been with IMS since last year.

      We will conduct the live webinars of the kind that I did last Saturday for some sessions(the recordings of which will be available) and pre-recorded videos for others.

      All the best!


  5. Apurva Bargal says

    Hello sir ,

    This webinar helped me a lot .
    I could solve the questions which I had marked as difficult.
    Could you please conduct similar seminars for other topics as well ???


    • Hi Apurva,

      I just finished another one this Saturday on Time, Speed, Distance, and Work.

      The edited recording will be up by Wednesday.

      All the best!


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