A self-confessed standardized test-prep junkie, Tony Xavier is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. He has now taken the CAT almost every year since his first attempt in 2000. He has scores of 750 (2008) and 770 (2017) on the GMAT and 333 (2011) on the GRE.

After graduating in 2004, a preference for academics led him to move from the retail division of the Aditya Birla Group and join the Academics Department of IMS Learning Resources in Mumbai.

Over a span of 6 years, he designed and developed learning and testing content for all national and international aptitude tests such as the CAT, the GMAT, and the GRE and was heading the Academics Department of IMS by 2012. He spent the next six years handling the teaching as well as running the business for IMS in the cities of Chennai and Pune.

He is currently based out of Mumbai and is the Chief Learning Officer-IMS, overseeing the design and development of IMS pedagogy and technology.

His favorite teaching areas are the Verbal Ability for the GMAT and the Quantitative Ability for the CAT and test-taking strategies for the CAT, the GMAT, and the GRE.