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How to manage your energy, stress, and anxiety during CAT Prep

Everything seems to have speeded up because of COVID, queries that I usually get as we draw nearer to the CAT — test-taking fear, stress, and anxiety — have now turned up in the comments section in early July itself. Due to the pandemic, a lot of CAT-19 aspirants also seemed to have let go of admits into schools they would otherwise have joined. So all of these retakers have got back to the SimCATs 2020 with a vengeance and that is evident in the high scores in the first few Sims. And they are desperate to see their best scores at the earliest. My personal take is that the notification of the CAT is still not out, we do not know when the test will be held this year. It might be delayed for all we know. And whatever be the case everyone is effectively condemned to a rat in a cage existence for the next three months at the least and that is being optimistic.  So what all of us need is to …

Increasing Accuracy — RC Masterclass

Hi All, I am doing a webinar on how to increase your accuracy on RC questions. If this masterclass cannot help you move beyond getting stuck on two options (only if you practice the method diligently on at least 20-30 passages) then I am afraid nothing else can. You can register for the Masterclass here — Best, Tony