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Webinar: All About Specializations – I


  1. meet says

    hello sir!!
    can you share your views on MBA in business analytics (IIM kashipur). scope and future growth.
    And can we be a marketing manager with this degree?


    • Hi,
      I am not sure about this program since I do not personally know anyone who has done this program.

      I would advise joining only the flagship program of IIM-KSP. Find out if the placements for both regular program and the Analytics program are common. Speak to current students for sure.

      All the best!


      • meet says

        sir, the placements are common for both the programs. But I want to ask you about the scope and future growth in this domain (MBA in BA). TIA


      • Business Analytics is emerging as an important tool to support businesses — firms are either setting up their own data mining wings or outsourcing their Analytics needs to firms such as muSigma and Latent View that do the analytics work, in very much the same way that they outsource their IT/ITes work to our software firms.

        The number of such firms will only increase and management roles in such firms will be offered to people will with a degree in the same.

        The scope for roles in non-Analytics firms in traditional functions such as Marketing, Finance, and Operations is still unclear.

        Hope this helps,

        All the best!



    Hi sir,
    I’m really into data science. So, interested in PGDBA offered by IIM C, IIT K and ISI Kolkata jointly . Request you to give some insights on Business Analytics specialisation and scope of it in the PART 2 webinar.
    Also request you to suggest some universities abroad with a good reputation in business analytics.


  3. Raja Ram Pandey says

    Can we get the link for the recorded session? I missed the online session.


  4. Ritesh Jain says

    Hi sir,

    Can you please provide some inputs on NMIMS Mumbai core v/s VGSoM-IIT Kharagpur.

    My profile is Mechanical Engineer with 2 years work experience in IT company. Also my 10/12/Grad is 8.8/93.8/70. As of now I am not sure about the specialisation. Please help as to which B-school I should prefer.


    • Hi Ritesh,
      I would say NMIMS since overall it will offer a much wider selection of offers across sectors. Among the IITs, only B is truly competitive with regular MBA programs.

      All the best!

      All the best!

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  5. Aditya says

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks a lot for the first webinar. It was really informative.
    Could you please let me know when the next webinar on specializations is lined up? And which specialization(s) it would cover?


  6. Anmol Bansal says

    when will u take 2nd part of ” what specialization to opt?”


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