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Webinar: All About Specialisations — II


  1. Ishita Gupta says

    Hi Sir,

    Really good webinar to understand all the domains!

    For someone who wants to go and become an entrepreneur, or head small startups and grow them, which specialisation (or their combo) would be suggested?
    I’ve converted IIM Indore for 2020-22 PGP.


    • Hi Ishita,

      Congrats on the convert!

      If you are looking entrepreneurship then Marketing, Operations and Strategy are the specializations you should be looking at.

      All the best!


  2. Vikram Mathur says

    Tony sir, really grateful to you for everything. I have been following you since my preparation days, and I am big fan,
    SIr, in the video you have mentioned that in order to get into IT, you need to have relevant IT work-ex. I am interested in IT, but I do not have any related work-ex and I’ll be doing my MBA from an IIT which gets many IT leadership profiles and has many people with IT work-ex. What can I do now to increase my chance of getting into IT? Please help, thank you.


    • Hi Vikram,

      Usually, for the IT leadership role, they look at a bit of work-ex since as the role is defined as a leadership role.

      This does not mean that everything is closed to you. What you really need to do is sit down and figure out the space you want to work in:

      1. IT Services — Infosys, TCS, CTS, Wipro
      2. IT Consulting — Accenture, CAP Gemini etc.
      3. IT Product — Microsoft, Google
      4. Tech-focussed businesses — e-Commerce and other tech startups

      Based on this you need to decide what sort of a pitch you are going to make about your candidature.

      For starters, doing some Analytics certifications (and learning R and Python, optional) will come in handy.

      Since most of the roles will involve a sales & marketing point of view, you need to major in Information Management, Sales and Marketing, and whatever analytics courses are on offer. Also, build a marketing resume through contests, to make a pitch that you are a Marketing guy who loves tech.

      The rest you will figure once you get in.

      Good to hear from a regular follower of the blog!

      All the best!

      Once you get in and get a good flavour of all the firms and the roles, you will be able to choose


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