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Increasing Accuracy — RC Masterclass

Hi All,

I am doing a webinar on how to increase your accuracy on RC questions. If this masterclass cannot help you move beyond getting stuck on two options (only if you practice the method diligently on at least 20-30 passages) then I am afraid nothing else can.

You can register for the Masterclass here —








  1. Ashish says

    Looking forward to it sir, I have followed your approach and my percentile are hovering around 90%ile though accuracy is not exceeding beyond 60%.


  2. Hi Sir, Thanks for the amazing webinar.
    As per the table to you presented about target scores in VARC section, if we are to attempt all 5 passages should we spend time on passage selection as per your strategy?


    • Hi Rajat,
      Glad you found the webinar useful.

      If you have the capability to read any passage irrespective of difficulty and the speed to read all 5, do not select. If you find reading some passages difficult, it’s better atleast to choose the order so that you do not get stuck on a tough passage.

      All the best!

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  3. Balasubramanian Rajaram says

    Hi Sir, It was an amazing webinar and I am here perplexed from your post on how to build your profile for MBA. \

    I am a GEM student who is currently in seventh semester of a tier three engineering college. My 10th and 12th score are 94.6% and 91.75% respectively. My probable graduation score would be around 75 – 76%.

    So far I have no credible management experience in organising anything in my college due to high level of nepotism in my college. I am continuing to strive hard to do something more but I am not so sure about my ambition of converting a call from any one of the holy trinity of IIMs (ABC).

    Can you kindly answer that is it a realistic ambition of converting a call from the aforementioned IIMs or what must I do in order to make my dream a reality.


    • Hi Bala,

      Glad you found the webinar useful.
      For a first call, the most important things are the marks followed by work-ex.

      For a final call the things in the profile give you talking points, and something to fill into the second form they send.

      But again there are no separate marks for this and only marks for PI.

      If you can do a good job in the PI (we will do that later) then you should be able to crack.

      For now, until the CAT is over just put your head down and get a good percentile.

      After that you can do an online certification course on Coursera in the area you want to specialise in.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  4. Hi Sir,
    Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar as well as all the blogs on RC. At end of Webinar you stressed upon thorough practice using the suitable methodology.. so I wanted to ask what might be a great source of practice.

    I’ve completed RCs in Application Builder, IMS Modules and RC-100 book from IMS. Is ‘Manhattan GMAT VARC’ recommended for practicing RC for CAT? If no, then what’s the best practice source in your opinion?
    Thank you.

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    • Hi Harshil,
      Glad you found the webinar useful. GMAT RCs are super structured and language is direct, so for quantum of practice they are great. Get softcopies of GMAT Official Guide and GMAT Verbal review, both of them are available online.

      The only catch is that the options on the CAT are not as logical. For that I would suggest RC by Sujit Kumar and the IMS Take Home Tests.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!

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    • Nishant says

      Hi Tony sir,

      Sorry for the irrelevant question here but I had no choice because comments were closed for the SPJIMR profile based call article.

      Can you please review my profile and tell me if I stand a chance for profile based call.
      GEM 😦

      X 93.4%
      XII 94.6 %
      Grad 7.3

      Work experience 16 months as of November 2019 in Infosys.

      1. Won 2 national hackathons during college.
      2. Silver level in IAYP ( International Duke of Edinburgh Award)
      3. 2nd place in National Maths Olympiad
      4. 1st place in Inter school Science Project Expo- District Level.
      1. Taught students science and maths and designed their curriculum for an NGO
      2. Head of Logistics and community at Tedx Chennai and Tedx Napier bridge.
      3. Mentor at Climber- My captain program.
      4. 1st place in Skit in 2 symposium- State level
      5. 2nd place in DumbC for 2 consecutive years – State Level
      6. 2nd place in group singing in symposium- State level
      7. Attended Entrepreneurship awareness camp in IIT Madras
      8. Attended Entrepreneurship awareness camp in my college for 3 years and gave out various ideas of startup and strategies.

      I want to go for finance but my profile doesn’t relate to it I guess, so how are my chances for IM?


      • Hi Nishant,
        You have a pretty good profile for an IM call and you should get a call, the rest depends upon the competition.
        All the best!


  5. Hello sir,
    Need a suggestion for NMAT. My NMAT is on October 13.
    These days I am solving 2RC & 5CR from GMAT OG every single day and I love the 5 well-framed options, meanwhile, if I solve OG’s Quant and Data Sufficiency, off course not for CAT, will it help in NMAT. There are 404 questions in total and I will happily finish it in 8 days, 50 every day. Should I do it in the preceding week of my NMAT? Apart from 5-7 NMAT mocks that I have planned!

    Thank you


  6. Akshay Khurana says

    Hi Tony,

    I know is a bit absurd to ask this question on this post, but I hope you’ll understand my concern given that CAT is just 50 odd days away. So, my question is “What is the percentile required for IIM L, I, K, S for a GEM student with decent Xth, XIIth, and Graduation? Everyone knows 99.65 above is decent for ABC, but I don’t know about LIKS, so just wanted clarity for the same”.



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    • Hi Akshay,

      Since you do not have work-ex the percentile requirements for you will be on the higher side.

      To get calls from all of the other four you would need 99 and above, a 98.75 might get you at least one old IIM.

      At this point just maximise your score by squeezing out every drop out of your capability by covering the areas that need work and every drop out of the paper by choosing the right questions in the right order.

      All the best!

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      • Akshay Khurana says

        I forgot to mention, I also have 21 Months of relevant Work Experience as of 31st July ’19.


  7. Pratik says

    Hello Sir!
    I realized one thing about solving RC’s,I solve specific detail questions with good accuracy but the inference and summary based are bit problematic.What would you suggest for these type of questions? How should I go along with it?Also when analyzing mocks for VARC section,how should one analyze the RC part?
    Thank you!


    • Hi Pratik,

      It is clear that the reason you are answering the specific detail question is that it does not really require you to pause after reading the question and frame a shadow answer, you can fetch the answer from the passage. For the tougher question types, there is no other way than to pause after reading the question, frame a shadow answer that outlines the function the correct option and eliminate answers based on the shadow answer.

      I have covered everything in as much detail as possible in the VA-RC feedback of SimCAT 10 and the RC Masterclass 2, you need to figure which part of the process you are not executing or are incorrectly executing.

      All the best!


  8. Anand says

    Hi Sir,

    I have followed your strategies for solving RC passages and it has helped me a lot. But Since NMAT has changed the pattern and adapted GMAT format, what should be the change in the strategy for tackling passages as we wont be able to read a particular paragraph and then check the questions and then continue to the next paragraph.



    • Hi Anand,

      Once the tests are adaptive, they become tests of competence and not of strategy. So there is no other way but to read the whole passage and then answering the questions.

      All the best!


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