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How to fill the S.P.Jain profile-based form

S.P Jain (SPJIMR in full or SP as it is usually referred to) is one of the most underrated business schools in the country. One of the highlights of the S.P.Jain admissions process is that applicants have to choose their specialization at the time of application. While this might be tough for freshers who do not have enough information and self-awareness to choose a specialization, it is a boon for applicants with work experience.

Specialization Matters
The biggest advantage of such a process is during placements. The placement team will ensure that for each specialization there are enough recruiters coming on board during the placements. For example, for a person with 3-4 years of work experience in the operations sector, S.P.Jain will be a much better option than maybe even the IIMs since there will be recruiters coming down specifically to hire people with such a profile. At an IIM the placements committee does not have the responsibility to specifically find 60 niche operations jobs.

The college also enjoys having a huge locational-advantage with Mumbai being the financial capital of the country as a well as the city where the most sought after Marketing recruiters such as HUL are headquartered.

Profile-based Calls & Score-Based Calls
S.P.Jain also has two different routes through which it gives out calls after you fill in the application form, the deadline for the same is 23-November.

Profile-based Call: The first is an interview call based purely on your profile — your profile should be in line with the specialization you apply for and what recruiters hiring for that specialization look for. This shortlist is out even without a test score. Once the CAT/XAT/GMAT results are out you need to meet the criteria given in the table below.

Qualifying Criteria CAT 2018 XAT 2019 GMAT 01 Jan 2017 – 31 Dec 2019
Overall Qualifying Criteria 85 percentile 85 percentile 85 percentile
Sectional Qualifying Criteria 75 percentile 75 percentile 75 percentile

Score-based Call: This shortlist is released after the CAT scores are out and based purely on your CAT scores.

This goes on to show that if you get a profile-based call, you will need a lower percentile to get an interview call than if you get a score-based call.

How To Fill The S.P.Jain Application Form
A great profile needs to rank highly on the following parameters:

  •  Academic track record
  • Co-curricular & extra-curricular track record
  • Profile-specialization match

So a lot depends on making a good application that reflects each of these. We will look at a screenshot of how each component of the online application looks and then discuss the best way to go about filling it.

Academic Achievements

SPJIMR Academic Achievements

Academic achievements primarily relate to such achievements as standing in the top performers in your class at various levels, X, XII, Graduation Year or in an exam such as the NTSC or JEE or Math Olympiad.

How does one go about filling this part?

Make a list of all academic achievements. Rank order them not in chronological order but in terms of

  • Level of achievement or position you secured
  • Level of competition or perceived toughness – NTSC, Olympiads, AIEEE, JEE
  • The scale of the achievement – school, city, state, district national

In case you do not have 3 academic achievements then list co-curricular achievements such as paper-presentations, journal publications or anything that is related to your academics.

Describe in less than 50 words: Try to be as brief as possible if the achievement is something that can be easily understood. Use the remaining space to describe how this is something that you have been consistently good at. For example, you have only one top 1-5 in terms of academic achievement but you have always been driven to do well academically. Add that part in the description — throughout your education, you have stood in the top 10% (do not write 10%, calculate your position) of your class etc.

Add anything that puts your achievement into perspective — the only person from your town/village/school/institution to achieve this, the number of participants etc.


SPJIMR Versatility

For the versatility section please make a list of all your areas of interest that fall out of the curricular and co-curricular category.

Do not approach it from the perspective of what evaluators might find attractive but rather look at the level of interest/achievement you have in that area. For example, if dancing is your biggest passion/interest then rank it first. Do not rush to rank social-service activities first.

If you have certificates and achievements great, but even if you do not, you can still go ahead and fill up three areas as long as you have a strong interest and have done more than your peers.

For example, if reading is a major passion, you will not have any certificates to show for the same! But use the description space to present how much you like reading — favourite genres, favourite authors, reading since age so and so, read so many books a month etc. Any genre is fine as long as it has some international/intellectual significance. For example, fantasy, science-fiction, historical fiction, all are fine. Just ensure that you do not cite Chetan Bhagat :-).

The same applies to any other area of interest that does not correspond with certificates. Applicants from this part of the world (TN & AP), please do not write watching movies since everyone does it. If you watch world cinema or any specific genre of movies a lot, are knowledgeable and can hold a conversation about the same then you can go ahead and mention movies.

Since this deals with versatility ensure that you choose three different areas. If you have participated in CSR activities at your workplace or volunteered for NGOs please include that as well.

Most importantly, when it comes to extracurriculars (not to be confused with interests), please understand that it is not a case of what you have done but what you have accomplished. So participation in various events is just that participation, no points for that, did you win anything is the question.

Again this does not apply to interest such as theatre or plays. For example, I will cite theatre or dramatics as an area of interest and cite that I have played major parts in plays right from my early schooling to college and PG, the high-point being a performing XYZ play directed by ABC etc.

Overall Versatility Rating: Rate yourself based on the diversity of things you have participated in and the level of interest across areas.

SPJIMR Overall Versatility

Responsibility Shouldered

SPJIMR Responsibility Shouldered

The two sections, personal and professional are clearly demarcated.

In the personal section, include any activity where you took or were given the responsibility. They can be

  • on-going or long-duration responsibilities such as helping you brother/sister in his/her education or guiding him/her throughout, taking up some household responsibility owing to a family situation (working parents), or
  • specific short-duration responsibilities such as arranging the wedding of a sibling or family member etc or having to help out your parent in a specific task etc.

In the professional section include responsibilities that you undertook that were not part of your KRAs or job description. They can be can be

  • handling responsibilities higher than your designation due to the absence of manpower
  • special projects/initiatives that you undertook or were given to you
  • organizing events at your workplace

In both cases use the description to put in perspective

  • the scale/importance of responsibility,
  • the role you played and
  • the quality of the outcome

Programme Details


This is possibly one of the most important aspects of applying to S.P.Jain — choosing the right specialization.

How does one go about this? The first question is whether you are applying with work experience or applying as a fresher.

Work-experience candidates should apply to the area in with the reason “relevant work-experience”. This has to be the first preference.

If you are applying with IT work-experience, unless you can really connect the nature of your work with another specialization, choose Information Management (IM). In previous years, applicants whose profiles did not match with the specialization they applied to have been reassigned to a different specialization! DO NOT make your first preference based on “special interest in this area”, make that your second preference.

In many cases, you might not find your profile relevant to any other area apart from the one in which you have work-ex. In this case, choose any of the areas as a second preference citing special interest in this area.

Freshers should apply only to Marketing or Finance.

Operations and IM both attract recruiters who are looking at people with relevant work-ex. The batches of both streams usually have an average work-ex of at least 2 years.

If your job profile involves being part of the design, procurement, production, quality control, maintenance, or logistics — anything that is part of the entire process of manufacturing and delivering a product or service (not IT products or services) — you can apply to Operations.

Mechanical engineering freshers also do not stand a chance of getting an Operations shortlist since management roles in Operations cannot be given to a fresher, recruiters look for candidates with hard-core ops work-ex.

The same thing applies to CSE/IT freshers applying to IM. Post an IM  degree you will be handling business roles in IT and there is no way you can take these roles up without having been part of a software product/services projects.

Non-engineering freshers such as Commerce, Economics or BBA graduates can apply to Finance. You can choose a second area as Marketing based on “done specialized courses in this area” or “special interest in this area”.

The reverse holds true for Engineering freshers, Marketing first and Finance next.

Please note that for Finance you will be competing with people who have “graduated in related area” such as the backgrounds mentioned above and CA. So do not mention it as your first preference unless you are really serious about it and are sure that despite your profile not being relevant you will get a shortlist through a stellar CAT score.

A safer option is to apply to Marketing (since recruiters in this sector look for freshers) based on  “special interest in this area” and Operations/Finance as a second preference under “done specialized courses in this area” or “special interest in this area”, whichever is relevant.

If you are mentioning Special Area Of Interest, you have to provide an explanation in 50 words.

Use this space to mention

  • why you like this specialization and how your skills or traits are aligned to the same and
  • the things you have done informally that demonstrate your special interest in this area.

You might have done a lot of things for which you have no certificates to show —

  • say organizing events in your college and firm or working unpaid for an event management for Marketing
  • following stock-markets or investing on your own keenly for finance
  • in both fields, you can mention the books that you have read to improve your knowledge of the same

The last part of the form is the work-experience details, the filling up of which should be pretty straightforward.

Also, freshers — internships DO NOT COUNT as work experience, whether it is done before or after college; work-experience needs to be full-time, paid, work. Start-ups can be counted as work-experience provided you have registered the firm and have proof of the same. Work experience in the family business also needs to be supported by salary slips.

Will I get a call from S.P.Jain?

If you look at the comments thread for this post you will see that there is a deluge of queries.

It is understandable. Everyone would be jumping at the chance to get a call at 85 and they just want to know if they can get a call.

Here is a simple way to figure out if you will get a call.

First Milestone — Profile-Specialization Alignment

Please understand that profiles are not evaluated independently of the specialization you have applied to.

Most aspirants think that profile-based calls evaluate the quality of your academics, extracurriculars, and work-ex in isolation. Wrong.

The question is never — do you have a good profile.

It is always — do you have a good profile for Marketing, Finance, Operations or IM.

So if you are planning to apply to specializations without following the guidelines above then you are taking a risk and you can rest assured that in all likelihood you will not get a call.

Second Milestone — Academics

If you have more than one — X, XII or Graduation — less than 80 then a profile-based call is well-nigh ruled out.

Please understand that since they are giving out calls at 85 percentile, they will expect you to have the academic capability to handle a rigorous 2-year MBA program. The only way for them to check this is your past Acads.

You might have a 90 or 10 CGPA in your X, a 75 or 7.5 in your Grad, both of which are great, but if your XII marks are less than 80 due to your IIT attempt, then there is no way that with two 70s you can get a call unless you some insane spike in your work-ex or extracurriculars.

Third Milestone — Extracurriculars

Extracurriculars kick in only after you have cleared the other two milestones. Given India’s population, you know that there would be enough people who clear the first two. This is where a good extracurriculars or versatility comes into the picture.

A good extra-curricular profile can be one that has a major achievement in one area — state/national-level sports, concert-level musician/dancer or any other achievement that clearly puts you in the top percentiles in that area — and one more interest which can be minor.

Another kind of profile can be one that has a lot of width — sports, music, social work, leadership — average achievements in one or two areas and minor in others.

I have had the odd student — an engineer with good academics and a big brand work-ex — who got a call for Finance but have not seen a single case where they eventually cleared even the first Group Interview. They themselves felt that the peer group they were sitting with was in a different league as far their knowledge and profile-match for Finance went. The same students made it to IIM-B and other big schools but could not clear the first Group Interview of SPJIMR.

So before commenting and asking me whether your profile is good, please do a sanity check above.

If you clear all the milestones your profile will be competitive.

But does it guarantee a call, it depends on the quality of the other applications.

For Finance, for example, you will be competing with candidates with two 90s and an 80 and a big brand Commerce college plus a CA/CPT/IPCC plus big brand work-ex plus social work and other extracurriculars.

SPJIMR Current Batch Profile

SPJIMR puts out the summary profiles of all the candidates who are part of the current batch. We took an exhaustive look at it and this is what we found:

MARKETING: 25 percent freshers, mixed educational background

FINANCE: 25 percent freshers, only 1 engineer

OPERATIONS: Only 1 fresher (city-topper in graduation), average work-ex of 2.5 years, 50% mechanical engineers

IM: No Freshers, only 2 students with less than 24 months of work-ex, all candidates had IT/Tech work-ex

What if I  DO NOT want to apply to the specialization my profile is aligned to?

Well very often, especially for those with IT work-ex, the whole point of an MBA is to escape IT and rediscovering one’s real passion:

  • Marketing — owing to an extroverted personality that puts people at ease or above-average exceptional communication skills or something that tells you that you will be great at making ads
  • Operations —  Mechanical Engineers, usually
  • Finance  —  it is either straightforward – the money and glamour associated with Finance as projected through Wall Street and Wolf of Wall Street, a fascination with stock markets knowing a thing or two about it and maybe having invested your own or someone else’s buck or two, a fascination with stock markets knowing nothing about it or a reason that is still inscrutable like the nature of God

So whatever your reason, if you want to change your domain — do not apply to SPJIMR. Both recruitments and admissions are aligned to profiles.

Does this mean that your MBA dreams are sealed?

Not really.

All other b-schools give you more leeway in that you are not asked about your choice of specializations in the application and in the interviews but only your reasons for an MBA in general.

What sort of profiles get calls

The whole idea of a profile-based call is to give calls out to exceptional profiles even if the CAT percentile is quite low.

From past data, it is very clear that they look at exceptional academic profiles first and then they look at other aspects of the profile. This is but understandable since the MBA is an academically rigorous course, so if they are letting you are a much lower level of CAT score, you need to have a much higher level of academic profiles. 

Think of it this way, they have a certain weight for X, XII, Grad, and CAT Score. If your X, II, Grad are so good that you will get very high marks for those, a lower CAT Score will suffice.

What is a good academic profile?

A 90/90/80 is par for a SPJIMR profile-based call. It is pretty tough to get a profile-based call with lower marks than these, unless you have some crazy national level achievements or a professional degree such as a CA or CFA that is very relevant for a Finance specialization.

A rejection for a profile-based call is not a rejection of your profile

Do not take my comments about whether you will get a profile-based call or not as a referendum on the quality of your profile for MBA applications in general and become despondent!

Also, do not take rejection from SPJIMR for a profile-based call as a rejection of your profile. SPJIMR will give you a score-based call, even after rejecting you for a profile-based call if you score above 96-97 percentile!

Another thing, I do not blog for a living, I am the Chief Learning Officer for IMS and do this out of my interest over and above my daily responsibilities. Why am telling you this? So that you don’t get jittery if you do not receive an immediate reply and post — Sir, please reply sir comments 🙂 You will usually get a reply anywhere within a minute to 36 hours depending on my schedule.

This has already been a super-long post. Hope I have covered most of the stuff needed to fill the form and give you a fair idea of whether you will get a call.

In the comments section, you will have seen that I have personally replied to individual requests for profile assessments. I would like you to post a comment only if you feel that you have a query that the post does not answer. I can easily make out if someone has only skimmed through the post and dumped their profile in the comments looking for a quick-fix 🙂



  1. Rahul Dugar says

    Hi Sir,
    I really admire the work you are doing. I don’t have any friends or acquaintances who are preparing for CAT and reading your posts is helping me a lot in the preparation.
    Following are my profile details:
    10th-955 or 10CGPA (CBSE)
    12th-88% (CBSE)
    B.Tech-83.14% (ECE)
    Gender : Male
    Work Experience: 15 Months at Enphase Energy. I worked with the pricing team for the first 6 months and now doing content marketing and web analytics with the Digital Marketing team
    Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities:
    1st prize at the inter-college Group Discussion competition
    Recorded two songs with the college band as a drummer.
    Organizer of the annual college fest for 2 years
    Unofficially worked with various animal helping/rescuing NGOs like ‘Precious paws,CUPA etc’ , helped in rescuing dogs.
    Judged the Intra-School music competition twice, organized by JIRS-Bangalore.
    Awarded as the best student in ‘cultural and extra-curricular’ by SET, Jain University
    2nd Prize in Poetry Competition organized at SET, JU.
    Taught in a primary school for 2 months after Xth grade.
    Please review my profile, what would be my chances? Would it be fine if I choose my two specializations as Marketing and Finance? Also, What could be an approximate cut-off for IIM-Bangalore.


    • Hi Rahul,

      You have a pretty decent profile for Marketing and you should apply to it as the first preference citing relevant work-ex. You can apply to Finance but it will be a case of applying just because they have given two options since the profile-fit is not there.

      For IIM-B since you have 15 months of work-ex you should be able to get a call if you score above 98.75.

      Do let me know through the comments if you get a call.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rahul Dugar says

        Thanks for your response.
        One more doubt, till july’19 my Work Experience would be of 12 months.
        Till which month would it be considered for IIM B and other major colleges?
        I would surely let you know how it goes.
        Thank you!


  2. Hi Sir,

    Very helpful post. Thanks a lot.

    10th : 82.14%
    12th : 88.57%
    B.E. : 83.8% First class with Honors
    Work Experience : 40 months (9 months onsite across 4 different countries). Promoted to TL after 24 months.

    Co-curricular and Extra Curricular :
    Best Employee award
    Future Star award
    Won INR 10000 as TL for best project delivery quality
    Runner-up in Coding competition in college tech fest
    Winner of Zonal round and participant of grand finale of India’s Biggest Networking Championship conducted by IIT Delhi
    Topper in Computers in 10th, 11th and 12th standard.
    Top 5 in B.E. among a batch of 70 students.
    Runner up in inter-school cricket tournament

    1. Please let me know your thoughts on my profile for SPJain profile based call.
    2. I would also like to know in which section should I put work related awards
    3. In which section should I put IT related certificates.


    • Hi Jeet,

      You have a good profile for IM.

      You should use your work responsibilities to briefly state your role and highlight achievements. Use the professional responsibility shouldered space to highlight any specific instance where you feel you really delivered more than expected and were rewarded as well.

      All the best!


  3. Nihal says

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks for a very informative article.

    My profile is as below:
    Xth- 9 CGPA (85.5%)
    XII- 94.4% (Commerce)
    Graduation- 8.12 CGPA (77%) (B.Com. Hons from Delhi University)

    -State level player for cricket and basketball. Won various medals in the inter school competitions.
    -Served as Joint Secretary of the National service scheme of my College.
    – Serves as school house sports captain.
    – Participated in the Mir Iqbal Hussain Trophy(Football)
    – Secured 7th Rank in District in the commerce olympiad.
    – Have Cleared CPT

    Work Ex –
    -Currently Working as an Audit Associate in Big 4 (16 months)
    -Got two Recognition in the first year for the excellent client feedback.
    -I have done 1 month Internship in NGO.
    – Co-founded a learning Platform (Actonomics).

    Could you please review my profile and share your thought on chances of getting a profile based call from SPJain specifically for Finance.


    • Hi Nihal,

      You have a good academic profile and since you are working with a Big 4 Audit firm, the chances of getting a call for Finance are decent since it covers all the basic requirements of getting into the consideration set. It just depends now on how good the rest of the profiles are.

      Do let me know through the comments if you get a call.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  4. MEHUL JAIN says

    Hello Tony,

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing information with us.

    Below is my profile mentioned

    XII(Commerce)- 91%
    Graduation(B.Com)- 60.44%
    Post Graduation (M.Com) – Final year ongoing
    CA (CPT)- Passed with Distinction
    CA (IPCC)- 59.44% (Distinction in Financial Management, Taxation and Auditing)
    CA (FINAL)- Attempt due in MAY-2020
    Completed my 3 yrs CA Internship in field of Auditing and Direct taxation:
    Major areas of audit:
    Statutory and Concurrent Audits of banks
    Audit of Dams, Jaipur Metro and Hotel Industry

    Achievements :
    1. Cricket freak and have certificate of Best All Rounder in School Level Tournament
    2. MOM in school Alumni-Cricket Match
    3. Winner in Debate Competition (Inter School)
    4. Student Representative in GST Advisory Committee 18-19 (ICAI JAIPUR BRANCH)
    5. Best Articleship Assistant 17-18

    Extracurricular Activities:
    1. Teaching students of an NGO
    2. Had duty of House Captain(10 class) and Dpt Head boy(12 class)

    I would like to know what are the chances of me getting a Call?
    And what should be the First and Second preference for streams of MBA for which I should apply?(Personally interested in FINANCE )
    Thanks in Advance!


    • Hi Mehul,

      You should apply to Finance first and Marketing/Ops next (though your profile is not aligned with either, it will be a case of applying because they have given an option).

      You have good academic achievements in your CPT and IPCC but since you have not finished your CA yet, the graduation marks will be a roadblock, if you had finished your CA the graduation marks could probably have been offset.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  5. Harsh Mehta says

    Hi thank you for the guidance.
    My name is harsh mehta and here is my profile.
    10th – 91.4,12th -87.1, graduation so far 8.5 cgpa ie.72.375%. Cleared CFA level 1.
    My achievements:-
    Cleared elimentary and intermediate. cleared CPT. Got 1 scholarship from Maharashtra Gov in 7th STD. Was selected for district squash tournament. Got many certificates for drawing and painting in school. 1 month voluntary services at an NGO. Have my own instagram page of my paintings and drawings.


    • Hi Harsh,

      I suppose you want to apply to Finance. Since you have cleared CFA L1 and CPT and have above average academics as well you stand a chance to get a call.

      Do let me know through the comments if you do.

      All the best!


  6. Prachet Prakash says

    Hi sir, it was a very helpful article as I was very confused about the way of filling the form.
    My profile is-
    Xth- CGPA 10 (95)
    XIIth- 92.4
    B.tech Chemical- IIT Dhanbad – 84.4%
    Minor – Operations Management- 95%
    Presently working in HPCL Refinery – Vizag
    Achievements – Academic- JEE Advanced 2013 AIR 7188; GATE 2017 AIR 206; Cleared 2 levels of NTSE in 2008; National level Olympiads- Inter DPS Science and Maths Talent – AIR 66; One state level CG Science Quiz 3rd position in the state
    Extra-curricular- Was serving our institute run NGO Fast Forward India for 3 years; 2nd position in inter-department Table Tennis competition in HPCL-VR; Second position in Case Study competition in Tech-fest
    I am Learning to play synthesizer
    1) Please review my profile for SP Jain profile based call
    2) I am still not clear about the extra-curricular and interest part which you have mentioned in the Versatility section; should I mention my area of interest or should I only mention areas where I have achieved something; for example- should I mention learning music instruments in the versatility part
    3) As my profile is heavily inclined towards operations, I wanted to ask what kind of opportunities SP Jain operations profile gives us; will I again get a similar job as a shift in-charge or do they have some management based/decision making roles too??


    • Hi Prachet,

      You have a great academic profile and that itself should put you in line for a call. I do not know how many months of work-ex you have if it is above 15 months you are in with a good chance since they expect a certain amount of work-ex for Ops profile.

      I think you should mention areas that you are most passionate about and are currently actively pursuing, give preference to accomplishments only if the scale of accomplishment is pretty high.

      After graduating you will get roles in the manufacturing set-ups of firms across industries, Ops consulting, and logistics & SCM roles in e-commerce. In any roles, you will get into pure decision making only much later, in the initial years you will have to operational stuff.

      My ears perk up when I hear the word Vizag, I was born and raised there 🙂

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  7. Rakshit says

    Hi Tony,

    I have good academics 92% + in all 10th 12th and Graduation.
    I also have a work experience of 4+ years in an Analytics Consulting firm (Banking domain) for a major US bank.

    Please suggest which profile should I chose for while applying.


    • Consulting does not fall into any of the categories and honestly, for your profile you should be applying to the old IIMs and ISB (I think you can easily crack good Consulting roles there). I feel given your profile you should be looking at General Management roles in firms such as TAS and ABG and Consulting.

      If you want to apply to SPJIMR then Ops may be the best choice but again am not sure the roles you will get will be aligned to your experience or aspiration. Finance despite the work-ex in the domain might be tough to crack.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  8. Vinod Kumar says

    Thanks for the detailed information on SP jain admission process. kindly review my profile and tell me the chances of getting profile based calls.

    SSC: 88.30%
    HSC: 91%
    B.Tech : 67.48%
    category : General
    Gender: Male

    Work Experience: 2 years (1 year in wipro and 1 year in capgemini)

    Co-curricular Activities:
    Awarded First in Andhra Univeresity symposium for creating “BIPED ROBOT”.
    Stood FIRST in CSSR Event for presenting paper on “ENvironmental Issues”.

    Extra curricular Activities:
    Served as a President for IETE Student chapter and successfully organised couple of major events.
    Serving for an NGO called “WAT” since 2 years.

    Kindly suggest me what sort of domain should i apply for SP Jain.



    Hello Sir,

    Your post is very helpful as it has cleared all my doubts related to the form filling procedure.
    Please review my profile mentioned below and share your response whether I can get a profile based call for Operations from SPJIMR. Also could you please suggest what should be my second preference.

    Academic details
    10th- 93.09%( Maharashtra State Board)
    12th- 87.17%( Maharashtra State Board)
    BE (Mechanical)- 79.79%( SPPU Pune University)

    Work Experience
    1.) Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co.(Appliances division) – 24 months
    – GET in supply chain management for make-to-order products (10 months)
    – Assistant Manager(Materials) responsible for sourcing & vendor development of Electrical and copper commodity for Refrigerators and washing machines (14 months)

    Academic achievements
    – Stood overall first in Science and Maths in 10th and 12th board exams.
    – Awarded in many painting competitions and holds A grade in intermediate and elementary drawing examinations.

    Co-curricular activities-
    -Vice-Captain of college BAJA team in BE final year wherein we design and build an off-road All terrain vehicle. The team participated in 3 national events in INDIA( SAE BAJA, ESI and MEGA ATV Championship) and 1 international event ( SAE BAJA, Illinois USA) and stood first runner up in ESI and MEGA ATV event.
    – Member of the college cultural club and participated in FIRODIYA KARANDAK in Engg 2’nd year

    Interest- Painting, Playing synthesizer

    Thank You


    • Hi Dyananda,

      You have a decent profile for Ops, with chances of getting a call. Your academics are above average and ECAs are average.

      Honestly, you can fill in anything for a second preference since your profile fits only Ops, you will be filling it since there is an option.

      Do let me know through the comments if you get a call.

      All the best!


  10. Prachet Prakash says

    Vizag is a wonderful city, hope to see you whenever you come here; sorry that I forgot to mention my work experience; I joined Grasim Industries (ABG), worked for six months (it was all training only, but I did receive experience certificate and salary); joined HPCL in January 2018 and still working;
    Sir, there is one more query, I am working in Oil movement and Storage section of the refinery, basically taking receipts of crude oil from tankers and giving to refinery and then taking the semi-finished products from refinery and converting to finished and then selling to marketing terminals of IOC,HPC,BPC etc. It also involves a lot of accounting and negotiations;
    I have described this in detail as I feel although I am in the Operations department on paper but the job of our department is more what people think as marketing; I am not into the main production blocks; also through MBA one of my inner wishes was to get away from this shift duties 😛 ;
    please share your opinion as to what choice I should fill first, marketing or operations??


    • You have be clear in your head as to what you want more than what you do not want (shifts). If on the whole over the longer-term you want to be in Operations then apply to Ops, you can choose from the range of Ops jobs available.

      If you feel you are more of a people person, like designing and making pitches, interested in creating and managing brands then apply to Marketing citing relevant work-ex and describe your work-ex accordingly.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


      • Prachet Prakash says

        Thanks a lot sir, you have been very helpful; and special mention to your blogs, they are just the kind of additional inputs any aspirant hopes for


  11. Following are my profile details:
    10th-87.4 or 9.2CGPA (CBSE)
    12th-85.8% (CBSE)
    B.Tech-74.10% (CSE)
    Gender : Male
    Work Experience: 15 Months in IT
    AIR 81 and 181 in Engineering Olympiad during my college years
    Organizer of the annual college fest for a year
    Been Part of NSS and RDZ (Volunteering groups) for 2 years

    Is it worth applying for sp jain? For what are my chances to get a profile based call?


    • Hi Tushar,
      Assuming that you are applying for IM, I think the work-ex is slightly borderline. Your profile is decent but I won’t take a bet on it getting you a profile-based call. You can always apply since if the score is good, above 96 percentile, you can get a score-based call.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  12. Sanat says

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the informative post. I wanted to know which profile should I apply for:
    10th : 91.2
    12th : 93.4
    Graduation : 85.6 (Computer Engineering, Thapar University)
    Work Ex : 3 months (Joined July,2019)

    Also, what will the percentile cutoff for me to get profile based call in CAT.



    • Hi Sanat,

      Since you have only 3 months of work-ex, it is next to negligible.

      Fin, Ops, and IM are ruled out and so your best chance is Marketing. You haven’t mentioned any ECAs so I wouldn’t know how your profile would rate on versatility.

      For a score-based call, you need to score above 96 percentile.

      All the best!


  13. Akshay Patil says

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks for such a detailed explanation for SP jain process. Also your Mock analysis videos are very good and hope to see more of them. I have some confusion regarding SP jain call –

    My profile –
    X – 95%
    XII – 87%
    Engineering – 8.01 cgpa
    MTSE scholarship – 8th, 9th , 10th standard
    IMO – Topper in school (AIR – 700)
    NTSE 1st level
    Organizing committee member in college festival
    Kayaking competition winner – University level

    Work Ex – Procurement in Blue Star (12 month)
    CFA level 1
    Edx course – Accounting and Finance (IIMB)
    Edx course – SCM (MIT)

    I want to give 1st preference to finance. Do I stand a chance to get profile based call.
    Even if I get a call will it tough for me to clear group interview as I lack knowledge of finance. Should I put second preference as marketing or operations.


    • Hi Akshay,

      You have a good profile and with a CFA L1, you have a good chance of getting a call. Whether you can clear the group interview or not is totally dependent on your case since with the CFA, you have wiped out the profile deficit, if you approach the interview with clarity about what you want to do and where you want to go, it will help a lot.

      Apply to Operations next since you have work-ex in Procurement if you like Marketing you can apply to it as well.

      Glad you liked the feedback videos, will do more if time permits.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  14. Yugant says

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for writing down such an amazing article

    Below is my profile mentioned

    XII(Commerce)- 82%
    Graduation(B.Com)- 85%
    BEC(Prelimnary)- Passed with Distinction
    SAT ()- 80.44%
    Topper in English in school level in Class X and XII
    Completed my 40 months work experience in a IT sector giant firm.

    Achievements :
    1. Football freak and have certificate of winner in district level lSchool Tournament
    2. MOM in school tournament final match
    3. Winner in Quiz Competition (Inter School)
    4. Have certificates in Tabla and Chess district level
    5. Best Volunteer award in arranging cultural function in college

    Extracurricular Activities:
    1. Active participation in an NGO(AOL)
    2. Had duty of House Captain(10 class) and Dpt Head boy(12 class) and Secretary of Quiz Club
    3. Part of NCC battalion.

    I would like to know what are the chances of me getting a Call in IM?
    (Personally interested in FINANCE )
    Thanks in Advance!


    • Hi Yugant,

      I think you have a decent chance of getting a call for IM (fin the chances are zero).

      A 90 in XIIth would have sealed the deal but the work-ex and decent versatility should give you a good push.

      Do let me know through the comments if you get a call.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  15. Diksha says

    Hello ,
    Thanks for sharing the information. I want to know which profile should I apply for:
    10th: 91%
    12th: 90.2%
    B.E in Computer science with 69.8%
    Work Ex.:
    Profile : Software Engineer
    Job roles: I have worked as software developer and have good hands on marketing automation tools.



    • Hi Diksha,

      Marketing and IM are the two options you have. If you have more than 16 months of work-ex apply to IM first and Marketing next, and vice-versa if you have less than 16 months of work-ex.

      Also, give preference to the sector in which you guys want to build your career.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  16. Hi, sir! Thank you for so much information. It’s really helpful.

    If you could help me evaluate my profile:

    Class X: 9.2 CGPA/ 87.4%
    Class 12: 84% (Science)
    Graduation [B.A. LL.B. – with specialisation in energy law] – 83.8% or 3.19/4 CGPA – Batch of 2014-2019
    No work experience, but as a law student – 20 weeks+ internships in corporate, litigation, etc. While I know it doesn’t count in as work ex, wanted to know if it could be incorporated anywhere else.

    Heavily involved in co-curriculars since school- mainly in leadership, oratory activities and singing. But here’s some notable achievements:
    ‘All round best student’ in School for 3 consecutive years from Class X-XII;
    Leader of the school council;
    Organised, presided, won and participated in about 20 MUNs throughout school and college;
    State level baseball participation in 2010 but no certificate to show because the certificates got lost in transit and were never retrieved, I am almost certain I can’t mention it in the profile, but wanted to know for sure.
    Authored a dissertation entitled ‘M&A in India: Sectoral analysis with special emphasis on the retail sector’ as a part of my curriculum but it is a keen interest area for me (and end goal).
    Passed the FICCI’s Certificate Course on Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights with an A grade.
    President of the Debating society in college for 2 consecutive years, organised 3 national events which saw a participation of 1000+ students in toto. In school, I also took an initiative to form a debating and MUN society, and headed the same for 3 years;
    Participated in Youth Parliaments, Parliamentary Debates, Moot Court Competitions, Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Competitions in different capacities, with accolades in almost half of them.
    Associate Editor of the official college newsletter;
    Been involved in bands and music culture since school – no certificates except 1 or 2 city level competitions long back but an instagram page dedicated to singing if that counts at all;
    No social work certificates to show, but have a keen interest in working for underprivileged girls, mainly teaching them skills for independent survival in the society, if need be. Currently home educating my domestic help. Also visit orphanages to donate every month.

    Please guide me as to which specialisation to fill as well. I’m inclined towards finance because it aligns with my interest area – Corporate restructuring.

    Thank you so much, sir! This would be such a help.


    • Hi Anushka,

      You have a great profile, it is high on both diversity as well as versatility. But honestly, you will be shortselling yourself if you join SPJIMR since they give a huge preference for profile (and you do not have a Fin background) and work-ex.

      But what you should do and bank on is scoring about 85 in CAT and reaching atleast 97.

      A student of mine from the Symbiosis Law School got a call from IIM-A at around 85 because of the education diversity. A fashion tech girl got a final admit with an 84 percentile.

      You should not aim at anything other than the old IIMs and put your head down and get the percentile you can, you can build a great career since you tick all the checkboxes — great acads, great PoRs, good ECAs, education diversity and gender diversity. Your is by far the best profile I have received this year (apply to Marketing or Finance in SPJIMR, do not be bothered if you do not get a call, it is not you, it is their process)

      All the best!


  17. Mayank Gupta says

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the post. Please review my profile-
    10th- 96.2%
    12th- 95.8%
    Grad- 75.2% BE(CSE)
    Workex- 15 months in IT
    Cleared CFA Level 1 within top 10%ile
    Cleared NCFM Level 2

    I am pretty confused between IM and Finance profile. What is the order I should follow?
    Also, since my profile is not specific to a particular domain, do I stand a chance to get a call for either of the specialization?



    • Hi Mayank,

      You have done a CFA means you want to get into Fin and you have already changed your profile and made it competitive for the same. So do not hedge, apply to Fin first and IM next.

      I am not sure about your ECAs and versatility but the academics are pretty good.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  18. Gajendra says

    Hello Sir
    Thanks for putting up a detailed article on SPJIMR form filling.
    I am interested in both Operations & marketing but not sure which specialization should I prefer as the first choice. My academics are 95/93/85 with graduation in Mechanical Engineering from NIT (Tier-1 Engineering College). I have workEx of 16 months in the food manufacturing Industry as Project Executive-operations. In my first stint of 9 months, I worked on various projects on process improvements and currently working on plant engineering for putting up a new factory.
    Also, I studied marketing as an elective in my engineering and have done Business Development internship as well as yes Foundation Fellowship(Worked with Two NGO’s for my stint of 2.5 months and awarded as an outstanding performer for fellowship)
    Considering workex Ops seems 1st choice but filling maketing I may face major hindrance during interviews. How should I go about this? Your insights would be helpfull in getting more clarification.

    Gajendra Singh


    • Hi Gajendra,

      You seem to be caught in two minds between Operations and Marketing and that is not necessarily a bad thing but why bother with resolving that issue perfectly for SPJIMR.

      Go with Operations for SPJIMR since your profile is aligned and your marks are decent, apply to Marketing as the second preference citing special interest.

      Am sure you will be applying to other schools as well and that will give the option of pursuing both and taking a shot at both domains.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  19. Vijayata says

    Hello sir
    Thankyou for the much needed information. Kindly suggest me specialisations based on my profile.
    10th: 89%
    12th: 87%
    Graduation: Microbiology Hons 76%
    Post Graduation: Msc Food technology 78%
    Work Ex: 12months, Darshan Foods (Meatzza) as quality and production supervisor.
    Stood first in various activities conducted during workshops by American Society for microbiology
    Was shortlisted for FSSAI -Internship (which is an all india level selection)
    I have been an active organizer for World Food Day in my college during masters.
    Have been a part of active Bhangra Group of my university.
    I have been an active member of college as well as school cabinet.
    Awarded for best creative mind in 12th standard.

    Also I had another query, I wish to opt for Mba to grow in my feild and not change it. So,i feel the most related area to my feild is Agribusiness management. It would be of great help if you could suggest me some colleges apart from IIM -A and IIM-L for the same.


    • Hi Vijayata,

      You have a decent profile. While your the domain your profile seems most aligned to is Operations, you have only 12 months of work-ex which is on the lower side but that does not mean that you cannot get through. Your second option is Marketing.

      Since you want to work in Agribusiness you need to look at what path you want your career to take within the sector, work in manufacturing, supply chain, quality control, and rise to the leadership roles or work in sales, product management, brand management and rise, apply to Marketing or Operations first based on that.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  20. Mayank Gupta says

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for the post. Please review my profile-
    10th – 96.25
    12th- 95.8%
    Grad- 75.2% (BE CSE)
    Workex- 15 months(IT)

    Cleared CFA Level 1 within top 10%ile.
    Cleared NSE NCFM Level 2
    JEE Main State rank 597.
    Scholarship from GOI in 2014.

    I am majorly confused between IM and Finance. What is the order I should follow?
    Also, as my profile is not strong enough in either of the specializations, do I stand a chance of getting a call after all?



  21. Sharath V says

    Hi Sir,

    My profile Is as below :
    10th : 10.00 (95% CGPA)
    12th: 83%
    Grad : 9.09 CGPA (83.4%) General Engineer Male

    WORKEX: 27 Months at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. As Programmer Analyst

    Internships :
    1) 1 Month Internship Under Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL),Bangalore
    2) 1 Month Internship under Nuclear Power Corporation Of India , Kaiga
    3) 1 Month Internship in PACE Power Systems,Bangalore


    Academic :
    1) National Merit – Meritorious Scholarship (NMMS) for securing good Mark’s in NTSE Exams
    2) District Topper in 10th Std Exams
    3) 10.00 CGPA and College Topper in 1st Year Engineering Exams

    Extra Co – Curricular Achievements :

    1) Represented Karnataka states 2 times in National level Table Tennis Competition (Both Times captaining the Side)
    2) 2 Times in a row 1st Position in State Level Competition in Karnataka in Table Tennis
    3) Universiry level Silver Medal in Lawn Tennis
    4) College Fest coordinator for all major events.

    Applying for : 1) IT ROLE 2)Operations & Supply Chain


    • Hi Sharath,

      You have a great academic profile and a stellar sports profile as well. So you do stand a strong chance to get a profile-based call from SP for IM.

      You can get a call from IIM-B is you score above 98.75.

      Do let me know through the comments if you get a call.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!


  22. vinod kumar says

    Hi sir,
    Thanks for the detailed information on SP jain admission process. kindly review my profile and tell me the chances of getting profile based calls.

    SSC: 88.30%
    HSC: 91%
    B.Tech : 67.48%
    category : General
    Gender: Male

    Work Experience: 2 years (1 year in wipro and 1 year in capgemini)

    Co-curricular Activities:
    Awarded First in Andhra Univeresity symposium for creating “BIPED ROBOT”.
    Stood FIRST in CSSR Event for presenting paper on “ENvironmental Issues”.

    Extra curricular Activities:
    Served as a President for IETE Student chapter and successfully organised couple of major events.
    Serving for an NGO called “WAT” since 2 years.
    Learning French , willl try to get certification by the time of interview.

    Kindly suggest me what sort of domain should i apply for SP Jain.


  23. Gayathri Chillara says

    Hi sir, Thank you for such informative article.

    Could you please review my profile and tell me the chances of getting a profile based call and also how much CAT/XAT percentile is required.

    SSC: 9.8 or 98%(according to conversion rule)
    HSC: 94%(commerce)
    Graduation: 84.5%(Bcom Hons)
    work ex: 11months as on oct 1,2019(with private firm)

    3months with PwC India Indirect tax team
    6 months with DE shaw India finance team

    Extra curricular:
    NSS volunteer – 3years
    Won 3rd place inReaching the pinnacle competition at inter department level
    B.com representative of COFEE club(commerce club) in college
    Winner at Arena level in graduate maverick conducted by Deloitte
    School topper
    Won best speaker in telugu at school level
    Won second place in district level lawn tennis conducted by loyola tennis academy

    Thank you.


    • Hi Gayathri,

      I suppose you are looking at applying to Finance and for that you have an excellent profile.

      For a score-based call, the CAT & XAT percentiles needed will be 96 and 98 respectively, for a profile-based call 85 percentile.

      All the best!


  24. Hello sir,

    My profile is as fallows:
    Xth- 96% (ICSE)
    XIIth 95.5% Commerce
    Graduation-76% (Economics honours, DU)

    I had a School rank 3rd in 10th boards and 100% marks in Economics in 12th Boards. I was the Associate Editor-in-Chief of my college economics Academic Journal.
    I was part of a social entrepreneurship organisation called Enactus and represented my college at national level as a project head.
    I have been very active in theatre acting and have worked with a professional theatre group in Delhi. And I have represented my school for a few Debate competitions.

    I don’t have any work experience or any professional course. Please let me know what are your thoughts regarding my profile? Also, for which specialisation should I apply?

    Thank you!


    • HI Tanvi,

      Since you are a fresher you have to apply for Finance or Marketing. Given your educational background Finance seems to be the choice that is aligned, with Marketing as a second preference.

      You have a great academic profile, and you should be able to present your versatility with theatre.

      I think you have a string chance of getting a call.

      Do let me know through the comments if you get a call.

      All the best!


  25. akash agrawal says

    can we fill in both CAT and XAT application numbers while applying? because both the radio boxes are getting clicked.


  26. Hardik says

    Hello Sir. Thank you for explaining the whole process in an informative way.
    My profile below:

    X- 86.5 (ICSE)
    XII – 89.8 (ISC)
    Grad – 8.18 CGPA (CSE from VIT, Vellore)
    General Engineer Male

    Work Experience – 17 months of work experience as a software developer.

    Certifications – Silver Level Certification in Temenos Certified Consultants (a certification in my current company about the product knowledge)

    Extra Curricular:
    1. Table Tennis champion for 3 years in school level. District level player
    2. Won 1st prize in Elocution competition (School level)
    3. Runner Up in Short Put and Football tournament (Both School Level)
    4. Founder and Treasurer of a student chapter in my university.
    5. Was in the organizing team in our tech fest.

    Appying for 1. IM 2. Marketting
    To be honest, more interested in Marketting. Can u please tell if the profile is suitable for a call from SPJIMR.


  27. Hello Sir my Acads are 74.1 (10th CBSE) /94.2 (12th CBSE)/92 (Btech Mechanical) General category,male.I have two research papers published sir (for one research paper I also went for a conference) and I have received silver medal for my performance in Btech. Am I eligible for SP Jain Sir?


    • Hi Vipul,

      You are definitely eligible, everyone is.

      Your academics are pretty strong but versatility is on the weaker side but there is still a chance that your acads might get a score-based call.

      Do let me know through the comments if you get a call.

      Hope this clarifies,

      All the best!

      Liked by 1 person

      • So,sir should I fill the Profile Based form? also will I be able to break into SPJIMR Finance with these credentials?


      • As I wrote in the post, applying to a profile-based from does not disqualify you from a score-based call. I cannot predict with certainty whether you will get a call, you are in with a good chance but beyond that, it depends on the profiles of the rest of the applicants.

        If you do not get a profile-based call, you will get a score based call if you score above 96.5.

        Hope this clarifies,

        All the best


  28. Sir Will I be able to break into SPJIMR Finance by the means of above profile on the basis of profile based call or should I only focus on Score Based Call?


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