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How to manage your energy, stress, and anxiety during CAT Prep

Everything seems to have speeded up because of COVID, queries that I usually get as we draw nearer to the CAT — test-taking fear, stress, and anxiety — have now turned up in the comments section in early July itself.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of CAT-19 aspirants also seemed to have let go of admits into schools they would otherwise have joined. So all of these retakers have got back to the SimCATs 2020 with a vengeance and that is evident in the high scores in the first few Sims. And they are desperate to see their best scores at the earliest.

My personal take is that the notification of the CAT is still not out, we do not know when the test will be held this year. It might be delayed for all we know. And whatever be the case everyone is effectively condemned to a rat in a cage existence for the next three months at the least and that is being optimistic. 

So what all of us need is to manage our bodies and minds for a longer haul — in terms of CAT date, easing of house-arrest, and ceasing of household chores.

This is the recording of the webinar geared towards helping you manage, build, and harness your mental energies and handle all the stress and anxiety that can come your way over the remainder of this year.


  1. Hello sir, as you discussed in the webinar, can you please share the link to the blog on how to choose the RC’s and questions for QA and DILR. I am not able to find it on the website.


  2. Rajesh Iyer says

    Hi Sir, I missed the session due to a last minute work meeting. Will a recording be available at some point?


  3. Hello sir, Greetings.

    I’m following your blog since last one year and it helped me a lot during my preparation.

    My journey so far
    IIM A FABM – rejected
    IIM KOZHIKODE PGP – rejected
    IIM LUCKNOW ABM – MR 130/obc unlikely to convert

    What I’ve –
    IIM SHILLONG (GenWL 98),
    IIM Udaipur – expected to convert

    Calls converted – IIM Kashipur & all baby IIMs, IRMA – haven’t joined these.

    Going through anxious time with this much of rejection. I know, I wasn’t able to give my best in PI.

    My profile -(nothing extraordinary)
    10th- 93.1%
    12th- 82%
    Grad- 81%(fresher) /Bsc Agri – State Univ

    CAT 2019- 95%ile- can’t say that was my best- if the verbal section hadn’t gone that bad (my best could have been around 98).

    Though, this was my first attempt at CAT – had prepared seriously for more than one and a half year.

    In between all these, have started to prepare for CAT 2020 (scored 103 in SimCAT 4- first mock after 8 months) but still the final call us yet to be taken.

    As of now only IIM UDAIPUR seems a convert (finger crossed for IIM Shillong).
    Should I join it or take a drop, looking at the unpredictable nature of the exam and MBA going online (atleast for 1-2 crucial term) ?

    PS – Graduate in July 2020.
    XAT’20- 92 percentile

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    • Hi Sumit,

      If your aspiration is to get into the agri-business programs at A or L then give it another shot. If it is not then you can go ahead and join IIM-Shillong or IIM-U, you will get decent options as a fresher.

      Go for a retake only if you feel confident and feel that you can handle the stress of another shot having given up admits this year. this helps

      Hope this helps,

      All the best!


  4. Sir, what should be my preference between IIT Delhi and IIT Madras?
    My profile is 9/9/8,engineering grad, but work ex less than a year. I am not interested in s&m roles.
    I saw from the placement report that most freshers are handed out s&m profiles in Delhi, whereas madras claims to get IT/Analytics/Fin which Im interested in.
    Please help me out, it’s urgent.


    • Hi Vicky,

      You can join IIT-Madras if you are happy with the firms that visiting and the average salaries on offer; brand-wise they are more or less the same.

      All the best!


  5. Mayank says

    This was just the need of the hour. Been a week since I have been working on the suggested inputs. Very helpful. It’s my fourth attempt at CAT after not having been able to secure the top 4 calls in my previous 3. Hopefully, consistent discipline will pave my way this year. Thank you very much for this, Sir! Hope to encounter such boosters more often.


    • Hi Mayank,

      Glad you found the post useful.

      Just break your day into parts and stick to executing what you intended to do with those parts and give yourself fully to it.

      All the best!


  6. Kailash Talatule says

    Can you please elaborate on what should be a good percentile for OBC-Male-Engineer to score in CAT.And can a 4 year work experience candidate face difficulties in screening and during mba in b-schools.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Kailash,

      Anything above a 96. should get you calls for sure, and anything above 97.5 will more or less seal the deal if you do the interviews well.

      Hope this helps,

      All the best


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