Month: April 2020

How to and not to evaluate your first SIMCAT performance

The response to the first SIMCAT was great and it was nice to see so many students jump into the fray from the word go. But the plunge as most of you would know is similar to jumping off a diving board for the first time — the moment of impact, the bewilderment when you are […]

7 Skills to crack the CAT & enter the IIMs

Hello Dear Readers, Given that the lockdown looks set to be around for a while and that it will be quite a while longer before any of us can get back to our colleges and workspaces, I thought I should do something to make things a bit more lively for the readers of the blog and for myself — start a webinar series. Instead of covering what is already there on this blog, I thought I’ll take up things about CAT & MBA Prep from a slightly broader perspective that will help you view things in the right light. We will kick off this Saturday, with a webinar — 7 Skills to crack the CAT & enter the IIMs — that will focus on a skills-centric preparation instead of a concept-centric one. The other titles in this will be revealed through similar posts. The link to join the webinar — P.S: The earlier link was one on Vimeo; I wanted to try it out because it allows unlimited attendees but a few other key …

Preparing for an MBA and not just the CAT

The results of quite a few top b-schools are out and even now I get a lot of queries that revolve around specializations — which specializations should I choose, I do not have any idea what my area of interest and so and so forth. This is not surprising since in India our strategy is simple — first crack the test, then see what is the best college your percentiles can get you and then finally start thinking about specializations! The funny part is that we do not seem to learn from our mistakes since this is the same policy we followed for our graduation as well and now want to do an MBA so that we can undo the mistakes of our graduation but without having changed our standard operating procedure!