Month: August 2020

How to select the right DI-LR sets

After the previous posts, a few of you had commented saying that you are eagerly awaiting the post on the DI-LR section. The earnestness is understandable since most of you who are facing the SimCATs will know that the DI-LR section is one that will make or break your CAT.If it goes well, you will take that confidence into the QA section finish strong. If your performance on the DI-LR section goes south then you will start feeling the fatigue of 120 minutes of testing and will fade away in the last section. The latter was the case with most test-takers last year.

Learning to Learn Math – II

We did the first webinar in this series —  Weighted Averages, a while ago, and it is time for the second one. This webinar — The Beauty of Ratios — is devoted to using ratios them maximally in Arithmetic. Those scoring above 70 might find some of the things discussed very elementary. Those scoring below 35 might find some of the things discussed very scary. But irrespective of scores, it ideal for those who are looking to take their skills on Time, Speed, Distance & Work, to the next level.