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CAT 2016: How to improve your QA percentile – Part II

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In the first part of this post we covered on the first building block to achieve higher scores and percentiles on CAT QA — accuracy. In this post we will take up the next one — selection. QA is the section that gets the maximum attention of test-takers of all stripes and there is always a litany of frustrations and queries that plagues aspirants — I am good at Math and like Math but my […]

CAT 2016: How to improve your QA percentile

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Unlike the other two sections (which we have already covered here and here) QA is a section that has a direct link to what you have done in school and college. Most of the topics that are asked on the CAT have also been a part of school curriculum. This I feel is the biggest roadblock in front of test-takers wanting to achieve higher scores on the CAT Quant irrespective of their relationship with Quant with high Math scores […]

How to improve your CAT 2015 Quant Score

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Blogging has been a great way to reach out to students outside of the class. I have been advocating the same to my colleagues who I feel can really help students with their insights. Vinayak Kudva, the Product Head for MBA in India at IMS is one such dear friend and colleague with over 12 years of experience in CAT training and unlike me is a champ at Quant! Head over to this new site […]

CAT Quantitative: How to approach a problem

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One of the things that weighs constantly on CAT test-takers is how they can increase their speed and accuracy. More often than not test-takers discover the right way to solve a problem mid-way through the problem – after they have spent about 2 minutes following one approach. So what is the best way to increase speed and accuracy? Identify the right way to approach a problem before you start solving it. Let us examine how […]

CAT Quantitative – Identifying the topic of the question

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One of the reasons why the CAT seems tough to test-takers is that the questions are deceptively framed. Test-takers tend to expect questions to be neatly classified — areas, topics, concepts — so that the moment they see the problem they know what to do. But the objective of the test is to not to make things so obvious, not to make a question a matter of plugging numbers into to formulas. There are many […]