Month: January 2016

CAT 2015 Results: WAT-GD-PI Toolkit

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Now that the calls have come out, most aspirants are worried about the crucial next stage — WAT-GD-PI. Writing an essay can be daunting, especially so, if you are not a regular follower of news and current affairs and then there is the recurrent fear — What if I do not know anything about the topic? Well that odds of that happening depend upon the width of your reading. The wider you cast the net the higher the […]

CAT 2015 Results: Should I take the GMAT?

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B-School Selection / CAT

In the previous post we discussed the rationale you should apply to decide whether you should retake the CAT and also look at options. So if you arrived at the decision that you should retake the CAT and explore other options such as GMAT or even the GRE, read on. As I had written in an earlier post, after the announcement of CAT  results many aspirants go into a shell. I some cases test-takers have prepared so […]

CAT 2015 Results: Previous Years’ WAT-GD-PI Compilation

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B-School Selection / WAT-GD-PI

The results of a few IIMs are out and most aspirants would be eager to know what usually happens in the second stage. What are kind of topics that are posed by each institute? What sort of questions are asked in Per Interviews. We have compiled a separate documents for each of the top institutes. Just one piece of advice before I share the link — Do not read the interview questions and start freaking […]

CAT 2015 Results: Should I re-take the CAT?

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B-School Selection / CAT

This is a question that pops up most frequently in the aftermath of the CAT and rightly so since this is a big career call that one has to take. This question is usually posed by three sets of students those who have got CAT percentiles that are not good enough for their dream institutions but will suffice for colleges of lesser repute those whose CAT percentile is disappointing but can look forward to something […]

How to fill up the S.P.Jain Profile Form

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Form-Filling Process

The S.P.Jain profile-based shortlist is out and as expected there will be more people wondering why they did not make it than those eager to read this post. But as is the case with life in both cases it is best to stay balanced. Those with a profile-based call still need to clear the minimum cut-off percentile, which is 70 sectional and 85 overall . We had a student last year who got a profile-based call […]

7 things to do on XAT day

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XAT Strat

By now all of you would have taken one major MBA entrance test at the least. This means that you are familiar with the biggest challenge of all — uncertainty on test day IIFT turning out to be easier than usual CAT throwing up a tough DI-LR SNAP coming up with the GK section that made every one question the meaning of the word “general” For most aspirants (apart form those pursuing an education in […]