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CAT Results: What calls can you expect

CAT 2015 results were out yesterday and once they were released the anxiety about how you performed has been replaced by the anxiety about what calls you will get.

So we decided to compile the percentiles at which you can expect a cut-off from the premier b-schools in the country.

As you would know the calls are based on a lot of factors apart form your percentile — your grades so far, quantum of professional experience, gender and educational stream.

Each college has different weights for each of these parameters. So the list below is indicative based on the data we have of all our students from previous years.

The actual calls might as the following:

  • female applicants will get calls at lower percentile levels than those mentioned from most colleges
  • call to percentile correlation will vary based on differences between academic profile and amount of work experience


For a comprehensive list of B-School cut-offs visit: B-School Cut-offs and click on the relevant tab: IIMs 2014 | Other Top 20 B-Schools | Other Institutes.


Congratulations to all of you who got the percentiles you were hoping for or exceeded your expectations. There will be quite a few who got a good overall percentile and missed the sectional cut-off on one section and there will be others whose percentile did not turn out as expected.

This is the reason why for me personally the results season is always mixed since for every student one is happy for there are others for whom one feels sorry.

But those who did not make it need not feel like it is the end of the road. I will do a longish post tomorrow exploring all the possibilities going forward. The idea is to get a platform to build a great career, there are enough and more options to do that.











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