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GD-PI 2018 – Articles of Note

I have put together a compilation of articles on various topics of interest that might turn up in this year’s WAT-GD-PI season.

Don’t speed-read these articles and make notes solely from a point of view of WAT-GD, as if you were preparing essay type answers on topics for a test in school.

The narrower you go, the deeper the hole you dig yourself into.

The panel will know that you will have read enough articles for WAT and you might be able to speak about topics in general. So to side-step you in a PI they might ask you GK around an event or issue.

For example, do you know who Shyam Divan is? You might have read about Aadhar and Privacy but if you do not know who Shyam Divan is you might be left open-mouthed if the interviewer asks you the same with reference to Aadhar. Who are the four SC judges, who issued the press conference about the allocation of cases?

So, take your time and binge on these articles.

I have not put any articles on #MeToo. It is an issue that is way beyond the narrow prerogatives of WATs and GDs; making it part of this topical reading list will really demean its significance.


The Different Ways in Which Aadhaar Infringes on Privacy

There must be a balance between right to privacy, national security interests: SC at Aadhaar hearing

In Supreme Court, Centre admits Aadhaar data leak, critics cite ‘civil liberties’

Aadhaar-related cases could tell us whether our jurisprudence is fit for an age of technology

Who is Shyam Divan, and why is he at the forefront of the Aadhaar battle?


How statistics lost their power – and why we should fear what comes next

Small Change – Why the revolution will not be tweeted.

Why John Oliver Can’t Find Americans Who Know Edward Snowden’s Name



Are MOOCs in danger of becoming irrelevant?

Online courses don’t work, but education can still be disrupted

Inside the ‘University of YouTube’ where children are transformed into YouTubers

Will add more articles as we go further.

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