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Getting ready for CAT D-day

You have around a week or so left and some of you might still be awaiting answers to some questions such as — should I listen to what happened in the earlier slots, what should I do if I know I might not get sleep Saturday night etc.

Last year I made an audio clip that answered all of these queries, queries that deal specifically with the three days leading up to the test and all the pending questions.

Getting ready for CAT D-day

As promised I am also taking a stress buster session — Anything But CAT — along with my colleagues on Friday.

We will host five rooms where we will discuss specific non-CAT topics of interest: Cricket & Tennis, Football and other sports, Harry Potter & Fantasy Books, Music Room, Quizzing.

I’ll be handling the Cricket & Tennis room along with Amit Sir and Param sir (and all of our other stalwarts will also be there in each of the other rooms).

I am looking forward to evening sessions and interacting with all the cricket, tennis and sports fans among you.

All IMS students will receive a link for the same.


  1. Sathvik Kappala says

    Sir, I have a different profile when compared to regular CAT takers. You already know a little about me from our previous conversations. Is there any way, I can get in touch with you. I need your guidance now more than ever as I am expecting a percentile between 90-95 after evaluating my score from the response sheet.


    • Hi Sathvik,

      I do remember you. All queries are usually posted here and I reply. This is a professional forum, so you do not need to hesitate.

      All the best!


  2. Manas says

    Do we apply the halfway to 100 formula on the percentiles predicted by IMS? ( Based on past data for predicted vs actual percentiles )


    • Hi Manas,

      That is only for SimCAT percentiles.

      The percentile predictor is based on actual CAT scores of students based on their response sheets over the last few years. So no more further calculation required!

      All the best!


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