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CAT ’20 Achievers’ Meet: How to make the most of your MBA

Every year the final session that I do for all of those who have secured admits (or are waitlisted) into the Top 30 schools is called How to make the most of your MBA. I had hoped that we will be able to conduct at least this session for CAT 20 students in person and that I could may be meet a few of you who have attended my Masterclasses over the course of the year. The world has bigger problems than this and so we go ahead and do the session online. Date & Time: Sunday, 13th June 2021 @ 11:00 AM Register before Friday, 11th June 2021 till 2:00 PM via Note: Students who have registered for the Campus meets need not fill up the registration form again. They will automatically get a zoom invite for the achievers’ meet session.

CAT 2020 Miscellany: Early Morning Slot, Insomnia, and other blues

I did my last webinar for the season recently and any of you who still have queries around how to increase your scores in the last few weeks, what scores to target for what percentiles, what to prepare, will find my take on all of them and a few more queries in the recording of the same. But there are a still a few non prep queries that will be swirling around in your head. This post is will cover all of those niggles that do not prevent you taking to the field but are a bother that you can do without. Is there a chance you might have burnt out or are running solely on adrenaline? Those of you who have attended all of my webinars know how much store I set on having optimal mental energy. So for me a lot of issues can be traced back to the quality of our mental energy. Some of you might not realise that you have depleted your energy sources and are running solely on adrenaline …

What did you learn about yourself during the first week of lockdown?

As soon as the lockdown began, the idea that I should do a piece on how to use the lockdown entered my mind and I began writing it as well but somehow I lost interest mid-way. Something inside me told me that I will be doing a post just for the sake of doing a post, I will not be solving any problem since as far as CAT Prep goes there is no problem. If anything most CAT aspirants should have it better since you have at the least been saving the time it takes to commute. I can only hope the real problem — the loss of livelihood — which affects unorganized workers (who constitute 80% of our workforce of 470 million) —  is something the readers of this blog and other CAT aspirants have not had to face. So I thought the best thing to do would be to stay silent and let everyone, including myself, respond to these ten days and in the process learn a bit about themselves. Some of you …