My 2 cents from a lifetime experience called MBA

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B-School Selection / Motivation
Over the past few years of mentoring there are always students who keep in touch even after they graduate from b-school. Some to express gratitude once they get their final placement, some to sort out their post MBA dilemmas and others just to have a nice chat about everything under the sun :-).

Likewise this year a student of mine who graduated this March, wrote to me saying that he felt investing in an MBA was the best thing he did and over the course of a few mails I asked him to do a guest post about his MBA experience.

Given that a lot of aspirants who made it to b-schools will be debating the pros and cons, thinking about the cost involved whether it is worth it, the better schools you missed out on and stuff, this post is timely.

Two years back I remember this student also being in the same dilemma. He was wondering whether it was really worth leaving his job at Ford to do an MBA. I felt he should since over the longer-term you need an MBA not just to be given the big roles but also to do justice to them.

This is his take on his MBA experience. Please note that this purely one student’s take based on his personal experience.  Read More


How to approach the Indian B-School Personal Interview

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B-School Selection / Motivation / WAT-GD-PI

Over the past few weeks, I was travelling around taking sessions at the IMS NAW, which explains why the posts have become sporadic. Now that we are done with the Achievers Workshops there is more breathing space to do some writing that captures the essence of the closing session that I took at the NAW.

The IIM interview season has already started and aspirants would be trying to get as many insights as they can right from how to dress for the interview to how to reduce India fiscal deficit without affecting our growth!

Amidst all of this clutter, how does one go in with the right perspective? What is the state of mind with which one should approach an interview? How you approach an interview will make all the difference. Read More

GD-PI 2018 – Articles of Note

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I have put together a compilation of articles on various topics of interest that might turn up in this year’s WAT-GD-PI season.

Don’t speed-read these articles and make notes solely from a point of view of WAT-GD, as if you were preparing essay type answers on topics for a test in school.

The narrower you go, the deeper the hole you dig yourself into.

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GD-PI Toolkit 2018

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Now that the results are out, most students are scrambling to get every ounce of GK or Current Affairs they can into their system. I keep joking that if I could administer an injection, I would have.

But since that is not possible, what I have done is put together a list of different articles that might make useful reading, as well as a compilation of institute-specific processes and topics from previous years.

The articles I fully assure you will be super boring and fairly long, but then there is that saying — the harder you work, the luckier you get.

I will keep updating the folder as well.

Read away.

GD-PI Toolkit 2018






7 things to do on XAT day

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XAT Strat

By now all of you would have taken one major MBA entrance test at the least. This means that you are familiar with the biggest challenge of all — uncertainty on test day

  • IIFT turning out to be easier than usual
  • CAT throwing up a tough DI-LR
  • SNAP coming up with the GK section that made every one question the meaning of the word “general”

For most aspirants (apart form those pursuing an education in HR at TISS) this is the last big attempt to get into a b-school this year. So here is the last to-do list, on which ticking all boxes will ensure that you achieve your dream — an MBA from a premier institution, a launching pad for a great career.

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How to crack XAT Decision Making – Part I

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XAT Strat

One of the most tedious and inscrutable sections that you will find across all management entrance tests, Decision Making has been the nemesis of many a XAT-aspirant. A lot of factors contribute towards DM possibly being the biggest stumbling block on the XAT. But none is bigger than the fact the amount of time any test-taker would have spent preparing for DM when compared to any other section is minuscule. This coupled with the dislike and unease most aspirants have towards reading and the extremely subjective nature of questions ensures that DM ends up becoming the deal-breaker as far as the XAT is concerned.  Read More

How to prepare for the XAT

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XAT Strat

A curious phenomenon repeats itself year after year when the results of the CAT and the XAT come out – there is little overlap between the students who crack CAT and those who crack XAT. In other words, a largely different set of test-takers ends up cracking each test.

Why is this so? It is almost like one of the GMAT CR question types – which of the following provides the best explanation for the phenomenon described above? 

The answer(s) to this question will also hold the key to know how to prepare to ace the XAT! Read More

CAT 2017 Analysis: Same wine, same bottle

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CAT / Motivation / Uncategorized

I never thought I’d say this but it looks like the IIMs have finally figured out once and for all what they want to test. I keep taking the CAT every year, yesterday being my 14th time if I am counting right, with a view to understanding the changes in the test and incorporate the same into my teaching. But given the last four CATs (including this year’s) I think they seem to have settled upon what they want to test. The phrase that most of us in the CAT-prep fraternity use — the CAT keeps changing — might not hold true anymore. Read More