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How To Prepare For SNAP 2015

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SNAP the common entrance test for the Symbiosis group of institutes is around the corner — 20 December 2015, Sunday. The IMS workshops for the same were supposed to start from the last weekend but the rains as all of you know put paid to those plans. We will be starting classes this weekend but in the meantime please go through this detailed post that covers the test structure in depth, including question-types, and preparation strategy. […]

XAT 2016: A Prep Plan – Part II

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XAT Strat

Back online after the floods here in Chennai! Am not sure how many of my students here are back online. Some of you would have rightly left the city. Hope all of you are safe. Power is back since last night in some areas, while there is still no network. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon and we should be able to start the sessions by next weekend.

CAT 2015 WAT-GD-PI: Acche din aaye ya gaye?

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Imagine this — it is February 2016, you are sitting in a suit with a blank paper in front of you and this is your WAT topic ringing in your ears; it is that period before you put pen to paper, your thoughts are still gathering themselves into a point of view. The topics be it for GD or WAT are usually framed this way — a quirky turn of phrase, an either-or scenario, a proverb, a proverb twisted […]

CAT 2015: How to manage your 180 minutes

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CAT Strat / Motivation

We have reached the last stretch now. We have done enough concepts, practice & strategy. We have now crossed an invisible frontier, we have moved from the general to the specific, from what is outside of you to what is inside of you, to that space between your ears. Those who have taken the CAT before, will attest that how well you manage your 180 minutes, how well you react to tough set or a […]

How to increase your VA-RC score on CAT 2015 – Part 1

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CAT Strat / Verbal Strat

I have rarely done posts on CAT Verbal, the last one was this one on FIJs somewhere in 2013, and not entirely without reason. The VA-RC section has always been a peculiar section on the CAT. It is quite to tough to precisely answer the question — what do they actually test? In all honesty even they might not always be in the know! Be that as it may, your first objective is to ensure […]