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CAT 2015 Results: WAT-GD-PI Toolkit

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Now that the calls have come out, most aspirants are worried about the crucial next stage — WAT-GD-PI. Writing an essay can be daunting, especially so, if you are not a regular follower of news and current affairs and then there is the recurrent fear — What if I do not know anything about the topic? Well that odds of that happening depend upon the width of your reading. The wider you cast the net the higher the […]

How to prepare for CAT 2015 WAT-GD-PI Part I

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Now that the IIFT-calls are out, the time to start preparing for WAT-GD-PI has come, at least for some students.But how does one go about it? It all seems like a vast sea with no beginning and no end. A single post covering all the three — WAT, GD & PI — will be unwieldy to say the least, so we will do a series of posts that will help you kick start your prep […]