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Getting ready for CAT D-day

You have about 3 days left and some of you might still be awaiting answers  to some questions such as should you listen to what happened in the earlier slots, what should you do if you know you might not get sleep Saturday night etc.

Last year I made audio clip (initially shot as a video) that answered all of these queries, queries that deal specifically with the three days leading up to the test and all the pending questions.

As promised I am also taking a stress buster session — Anything But CAT — along with my colleagues this Friday.

We will host five rooms where we will discuss specific non-CAT topics of interest: Cricket & Tennis, Football and other sports, Harry Potter & Fantasy Books, Music Room, Quizzing.

I’ll be handling the Cricket & Tennis room along with Amit Sir and Param sir (and all of our other stalwarts will also be there in each of the other rooms).

I am looking forward to evening sessions and interacting with all the cricket, tennis and sports fans among you. We will discuss the Tennis GOAT Debate, MSD, and sports heroes, and answer/discuss all non-CAT things in the Q&A!

All IMS students will receive a link for the same.


  1. Prachi Suchak says

    Good afternoon sir,

    Sir I tried opening the link for session, it says page not found, I also tried going on my ims page and booking for session but my ims does not show any such session. Can you please help me with the link for the same?


  2. Rishabh Gupta says

    Sir for Revision especially for DI/LR should i go through all the skipped or incorrect sets from SIMCATs or how should i do anything else. please help.


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