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A plan for the last leg

At this stage, I realise that all of you are suffering from a different set of problems that occur at different score-levels. It is quite tough to come up with posts for the specific score ranges that different people are in and it is absolutely stupid to come up with a do-this-everyday-for-the-next-30 days sort of a thing (if you even think that is possible then you are preparing for the wrong exam). This post is intended to help you devise the best plan for yourself over the next thirty days.

Fix your desired set of colleges, tests, and percentiles

While everyone should and still aim to get into the old IIMs, each of one of you should also have a clear idea as to what the good colleges are for your profile for you apart from the IIMs.

When I say a good college for you, you should measure it in terms of the outcomes that will be commensurate with your profile at this stage.

An MBA primarily amplifies your current profile, this means that it will multiply whatever is your current earning potential by 2-2.5.

If your current potential is 6 or lower multiply it by 2.5 if it is between 6 to 7 multiply it by 2.25, 8 and above multiply it by 2.

If you are a fresher or studying in a good college, top 5 in your state, and have a good academic profile, you should get a job that pays at the least 6 LPA. This means that you need to look at an MBA college that has an average of around 14 LPA.

If you are a fresher or studying in a college, that will give you a salary of 4 LPA, you need to apply to colleges that will give you a salary of at least 10LPA.

The same applies to working professionals as well, irrespective of number of years of work-ex you need to look at your current salary and do a multiplication by 2-2.5.

Those who are in the higher pay scales should do a multiplication by 2 and also note that in the top-tier colleges the average might be 17-18 but the number of jobs with salaries above the average will be good enough to get you the desired jump.

Based on this list of colleges you need you to fix your desired tests and the respective target scores and percentiles.

The desired list and percentiles though cannot be looked at in isolation, the elephant in the room is your current potential on the CAT and other tests. So, you have to choose the colleges both based on your profile and the percentile you are likely to score.

If you have a really high potential on the CAT and other tests as demonstrated in your SimCAT scores, you should aim much higher than your current earning potential. (More than a decade ago, I had a 2.5 lakh job out of campus but I was sure my aptitude on the CAT was good enough to get me a call from IIM-A, which eventually did happen, so I applied only to 2 schools apart from the IIMs) 

Estimate your actual percentile from best Mock percentiles

On the actual CAT, if you perform at the same level as you perform in the Mocks, your percentiles will be much higher.

The simple reason is that the Mocks are taken by the most serious CAT aspirants.

While more than 2,00,000 register for the tests, the Mocks are not taken seriously by more than 25000 students. On test day, out of the registered students around 30000 do not even turn up.

So the fraction that is percentile, x/y, will increase on test day since the denominator and numerator will become 6-digit figures and the rest of the crowd that shows up on test day is not going to do better than those who are preparing (India does not have that much bench strength that people who do not even take mocks can show and perform better than those who are).

What happens to the value of a fraction less than 1 if the numerator and denominator keep increasing — 2/3 < 3/4 <4/5 — it keeps on increasing. The question is how much will it increase by?

By half of the difference between 100 and your current percentile. If your current percentile is 80, it will become 90, if it is 90, then 95 and so on.

If you feel that you can increase your current mock percentiles by 5 more, then estimate your actual percentile after adding 5 to your current percentile.

On the CAT the scores correlate with the percentiles as follows:

95 percentile – 85-90
99 percentile – 100-105
99.5 percentile – 115-120
100 percentile – 140 and above

In short if you cross a score of 100 you are very likely to cross 99 percentile.

Now that you know your target scores, set incremental scores towards reaching them.

You are at 75 and have to reach 105, start with a target of 85-90.

For some of you, this increase might be evenly spread across sections and for others, it might be lop-sided, you have to do the break-up of the sectional increase 

This is not easy to do. For example, if you are scoring 80 and are scoring above 30 in two sections and below 20 in the third, then your first area of focus should be on the one below 20 since the maximum scope of improvement lies here.

A good way to ensure that you prepare optimally is to execute the plan below.

Don’t get spooked by dropping percentiles in the last 5 tests!

CAT Prep is no different from a marathon while quite a few people start it very few people finish it. So, in the last two months, we see a significant drop in the number of people taking the SimCATs with quite a few people giving up altogtehr or post-poning the prep for another year. Thus, after SimCAT 10 the fight is only between the super-serious students who are doing well. 

It is thus but natural that percentiles will drop. Do not let this affect your confidence in any way. If your scores are at the same level or better you you will do well on test day.

A plan for the last 4 weeks

If this is your second attempt and you have cumulatively taken more than 40 Mocks, take only 8 tests in the last 4 weeks, 1 test every three days.

Everyone else should take 15 tests in the next 4 weeks, 1 test every alternate day.

Take-Home SimCATs are actual SimCATs from the last 3 years they are authentic or difficult as the current SimCATs, they feel different because you do not take them under any pressure.

After the tests and during the days between the tests focus solely on one area per week in whatever order is necessary for you, W1— DI-LR, W2—VARC, W3 — QA, W4 — Overall.

Obviously, this cannot apply to everyone. For those who are doing really well on QA and VA-RC and have a problem only with DI-LR, work for two weeks on DI-LR, you have to customise this plan.

What should you be doing during these weeks?

The four levers to higher scores

The four levers that you have to use to propel your scores are — Selection, Accuracy, Concepts, and Speed

No matter what your score the first thing you have to get right is selection.

Why Selection matters?

When you are consciously selecting the right questions to do you are taking the test and the test is not taking you.

All of you want to (or rather should since you are spending 20 lakhs for an MBA education) become a CEO or Founder in the future. What is fundamentally involves is to decide where and how to invest your money.

If 100 people come to you asking you to invest 2 crores each in 100 ideas and you have 200 crops at your disposal, what will you do?

  • will you give everybody 50 or 100 each and then depending on how they do will you give the rest or will you first do a quick evaluation of the soundness of the idea using some strong first principles and then decide to invest?
  • will you give money to ideas that are in industries you like or will you give money to ideas that will definitely generate money (if the goal is to make the most of your 200 crores)

During the CAT, you are investing money. So by not selecting questions and spending some time on each question you are investing money without evaluating ideas.

During each section, you are first supposed to play the role of CEO, deciding whether to do the problem or not, then be the worker solving the problem, and in parallel play the manager who is aware of the clock.

If you select and solve the right 75 questions and leave the remaining 25 by spending less than 20 minutes you will end up with a percentile above 99.

So the first task before anything else is for you to go and watch all the videos on how to select the right questions  in the CHANNELs section of the new myIMS, just go there and watch the LMTC videos in the recorded tab. If you have already watched this or attended LMTC sessions and are successfully implementing the methods then you can skip this part.


If you select and solve the right 50 questions and leave the remaining 20-25 by spending less than 10 minutes you will end up with a percentile above 99.

60 48 132
55 44 121
50 40 110
45 36 99
40 32 84

But this, as you would have realised, is contingent on you solving at least 80% of the questions right.

If I am guessing right, accuracy, is the biggest problem in VA-RC for almost all test takers and that is solely because there is in the way of a technique that test-takers apply.

While a lot of students have told me that the methods I suggested in RC-1 have been useful, they have also told me that they still are getting tougher questions wrong. They have seen RC-2 but they feel the methods are time-consuming. Yes, they will seem time-consuming to those who do not think in English.

But there is no way you can answer the questions correctly by reading passively all through and waking up right at the climax when you are caught between options.

All of the gyaan about eliminating extreme options, skimming and scanning, and their ilk are pure quackery, nothing more than candy to children.

There are no shortcuts to crack VA-RC, set a realistic target and solve questions in the technically correct way, else attempt more and be happy with a 60 per cent accuracy as long as you clear the cut-off, do not expect to boost your overall score through

If you have an issue with accuracy in VA-RC, go to the CHANNEL section on the Masterclasses and watch the RC-1 and RC-2 Masterclasses and the VA Masterclasses.

If you have an issue with accuracy in QA, go to the posts on this page —


Once you are selecting the right passages, sets, and questions, and solving 4 out of 5 you pick correctly, you need to be able to solve a wide range of questions.

In QA, if you are only attempting questions from a few areas and are still not attempting questions from Logs and Geometry, then do so at your peril, there were 10 do-able questions from the two areas last year.

To quickly master concepts and application, go to the LEARN Tab in the new myIMS and watch all the videos there to get a good grasp of basic concepts and application.

If you are facing troubles in higher-level application in a particular area, then do all the problems from the e-MAXIMISER module.

For the DI-LR week or two weeks, the task is clearly cut out — approximately 200 sets — 17 SimCATs  + 6 Actual CAT Sections (2017, 2018, and 2019 both slots)

If you need to learn to how to solve DI-LR sets better  —


And yeah, at this stage, honestly, I have no tips to increase reading speed in general except to say that concentrate harder and read faster (if only we could embed the Blinkist app in our brains).

To increase solving speed I have no tips but to ask you to stop writing entire solutions on your paper, you do not need to show homework to your teacher. The test-takers scoring above 135 are not writing equations and cancelling out terms on both sides.

Where should I solve questions from

Irrespective of your level you should know how to solve every question in each of the proctored SimCATs and the e-Maximiser.

You can practice executing strategies between tests by solving Section Tests (apart from Section Tests in the Application Builder, you also can use the Take Homes as Section Tests by using exit section option).

You are really weak in an area and need to practice basics then solve the Concept module.

A quick summary

  • 10-15 Tests every alternate day.
  • 1-2 weeks dedicated to one section depending on where you are.
  • For each section move from selection to accuracy to concepts to speed.

Have a plan for each SimCAT

For every SimCAT you need to have a section-wise target score and a plan to reach that score.

  • VA-RC — I am going to get more marks from VA by solving them before RC and applying the right technique
  • DI-LR — I need to select sets better, I am still choosing one wrong set.
  • QA — I am going to get more marks from Geometry

To do this you should analyse a test well. When you analyse a test, especially the incorrect questions ask yourself — should I have attempted this question or set, did I follow the process of solving correctly (VA-RC), did I not read the misread or miscalculate (QA-DI-LR).

When you analyse a test, look at the skipped questions in QA and figure out the areas you need to strengthen and go to the LEARN Module videos.

I want to do well, I will kill this test — these are not plans they are dreams and feelings.

How to manage your feelings

In short, taking a test is not about feelings.

Getting disheartened when you see a low score, starting to feel pressure, anxiety attacks, all of these are things have nothing to do with solving a question.

The only questions to always ask are — Why did this happen, what did I do wrong, did I select the right set, did I pause after reading the RC question frame a shadow answer and then go to the options?

If you cannot get rid your feelings and get the job done when the task involves you and a piece of text on a machine, then you can forget managing others and leading firms. Honestly, you should consider another profession where someone else will handle the pressure and tell you what to do.

If you want to increase your concentration levels and manage work as well go through these posts:

I usually refrain from giving our set prescriptions like a doctor does, do these things every day because I do not think such things exist for test prep. I can only name problems and solutions, the better you are at diagnosing your problems the better you will be able to tailor a solution.

I feel this is an important part of the test itself —  if you cannot maximise your own performance using all the resources at your disposal, how will you maximise a company’s resources later in life!

Even an MBA will give you all the insights of what successful firms did and some technical knowledge specific to certain areas but when it comes to your first job post your MBA, you cannot cut, copy, paste anything that you learnt at business school, you have to tailor a customised solution using the resources you have.

Cut the flab and the feel-good

I hope you have already deleted all the social media apps on your phone. If you have not then all I can say is that you are not committed to achieving your goal.

I hope you have nothing other than CAT and other tests till the end of the first week of Jan. If you have other plans are then all I can say is that you are not committed to achieving your goal.

And the most important part of the last four weeks — get off all online CAT groups and CAT forums. Do not waste precious time discussing any more prep strategies with peers and finding out how much they have scored and commenting on the great scores someone else is getting.

As far as I know, back when I was preparing to take the test and right now when you guys are preparing to take the test, the goal was the same — squeezing every drop out of oneself and the test.

Everything was IRL then and I never went up to the guy who was topping my city (despite knowing him from college and being in the same test-prep institute) and told him — bhai tu toh phod raha hai.

Even today I would not look at top 10 percentilers attempts and accuracy on specific questions, since my ability is unique — I have solved the question and I have seen the solution. The questions I ask myself are

  • could I have solved this faster, irrespective of others’ data, were there any wasted steps, I myself try to look for shorter methods (should I have substituted answer options), or
  • should I have left this.

I am the batsman, the question is the ball, there are no others since remember during the test I am not chasing, during the test everyone is batting first, everyone is facing the same bowling, every one has to decode how the pitch is playing and score as many runs as possible.

I do not remember even discussing one thing about my prep with my friends who were preparing with me, we hung around after classes for some banter but that was it, I did not think there was any need to discuss anything with my peers since it was just me and the test.

It takes a village to raise a child, the saying goes, I do not think it takes a community to get a score, it takes a lot of brains to figure out where one is going wrong and more importantly why one is going wrong, and a lot of mental stamina and drive to push oneself to just max out.

Only two things should exist in the world for the next 9 weeks (till the XAT is over) — you and your test-prep material — no one else and nothing else.


  1. Vighnesh Pai says

    Sir I got the admit card today and I have exam in the slot 1. Your posts have been very much useful for me. My Simcat percentile is ranging around 90. Hope to do well on the D-Day

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amol Sawant says

    Sir, I am actually making a lot of silly errors(calculation/ misreading ) in quants bcoz of which I am losing quite a lot of marks. This has began to happen lately. Also, such stuff doesn’t happen in Calculative DI sets. Any suggestions on how to avoid it?


    • Hi Amol,

      It can be because QA has become progressively easier; so, you are trying to force the pace to solve more questions and/or are mentally moving on to the next question before you finish solving.

      Just slow down by 10 percent — watch the ball onto the bat — and you will find your groove again.

      All the best!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aditya says

    Tony Sir
    I watched your videos on VARC and DILR regarding giving time to select RC’s/sets in the respective sections. What is the ideal/suggested time one should give at the start in the 40 min paper?
    One more query sir. I tend to get lost somewhere in the middle while solving sets in LRDI section and tend to start many but solve a few only. I do get them after the mock. Some tips would be highly valuable.


    • Hi Aditya,

      There is no ideal time, there is only maximum time — for VA-RCs around 4-5 minutes and for DI-LR I had discussed a slide at the end on the maximum amount of time you have based on the percentile targets you have.

      If you are starting many and solving few, it means that you are doing the whole process of set selection just for the sake of it and even the ten commandments do not seem to have made too much of an impact.

      If you are talking about concentration and mind-wandering then I am afraid I do not think there are ways to change that; if your house is on fire you do not really have problems with concentration, do you!

      I have done a post around solving well after the exam —

      Hope this helps,

      All the best!


      • Aditya says

        Thank you so much sir. Wish I read this article back when it was published. This is the problem. I score 25 in quant and after mock I solve almost all the questions. Same with DILR. Then in the analyze option in SIMcat I select, “could have solved” and be happy after seeing the potential score in the analysis section. Nothing much improved.
        It doesn’t happen in VARC. I have set my target. 3RC’s in 28-30 min and then all the VA questions since I have been scoring good at VA. I don’t attempt 4th RC as I am not an avid reader and this strategy has helped me reach 97-98 from 80’s. It helped me increase accuracy. But in QA and DILR, I become too greedy. Every random set and question looks doable.
        It’s too late, wish I had seen this article then. My bad.


  4. Hello sir,

    I know I would need score close to 105 to get a 99 percentile, but I have crossed that mark only 5-6 times yet. My mock scores are usually at around 85-90. However, I gave all the previous year papers in a time bound manner and scored way more (corresponding to 99+ percentiles). I am unable to understand the reason behind this.


    • Hi P,

      The thing is that the previous years’ papers are incorporated in various ways into both our prep material as well as our mocks, so the sets and questions while not directly a replica will not have been as challenging as if you had encountered them for the first time in D-day.

      You need to break these 20 marks jump into 3 sections and see where you are going to get your marks from. The extra marks stem from the scope for improvement that you can identify in each section — lack of mastery over a particular VA question type, lack of solid technique on RC, lack of conceptual clarity on particular Math concepts needed for DI-LR and QA.

      The scope for improvement always falls into three areas — technique, speed, width of concepts — if you can figure this out then 105 need not be the limit.

      Hope this helps,

      All the best!


  5. Adarsh Kumar says

    Hello Tony, I have been doing well in a few SIMCATs but otherwise, consistency is still elusive. I have scored over 99.5% in 3-4 SIMs. I drop to 95-96% occasionally but sometimes the drop is bigger (85-90) and very discouraging. I do not know how to interpret this, could you please help? Getting into the right mindset is really important for me before taking the CAT. I am not even sure if I should be confident or if I should still be worried…


    • Hi Adarsh,

      As I wrote in the post SimCAT percentiles are usually much lower than actual percentiles and from SimCAT 10 onwards you will have experienced a drastic drop.

      The right midset is in knowing your capabilities and processes very well. I will be taking a session next Monday on the same  —

      All the best!


  6. Anshu Mishra says

    hello sir”
    I am scoring around 70 marks in most of the simcats in a few simcats I have managed to get 90 also and on the other hand my marks gets as low as 45… my main area of concern is quants my score are constantly around 20….. I can solve question normally but if the same questions appears in mocks I can’t tackle that.. please help me sir in this regard!


    • Hi Anshu,

      Fluctuating scores are a function of one or both of two things —

      1. Lack of width in terms of concepts/question types — for example, you can solve easy geometry questions and hard numbers questions but not the other way around — this means that you will be score differently in each of these papers — you can replace numbers and geometry with RC, Jumbled Para, Odd One Out, Mathematical DI etc.

      2. Lack of precise application of selection, solving and time management techniques covered in the Last Mile To CAT and Masterclass sessions. You have those things in mind and apply them after having modified them to suit your needs.

      I will be lying if I tell you I know why you are unable to solve the question in the exam. If the problem is different, you are unable to solve in the exam but after the exam you are able to solve all questions then you can find the answer here —

      Hope this helps,

      All the best!


  7. Aditya says

    Hello Sir
    Sir I have access to test series plus e-maximizers but not masterclass. How can I access or buy masterclass videos of yours?


  8. Kaustub Shenoy says

    Hello sir
    I want to do my best in these last few week but have my sem end exams till prior to 3 days before to cat d-day, i am not able to manage both the studies properly, can you pls guide me in this regard.


    • Hi Kaustubh,

      You have to find a way to take two tests in a week and analyse them and prepare for one hour a day based on the areas you need to work on.

      You cannot prepare only for one thing at a time. So, make a calendar for all the days on which you will be taking mocks (two a week) and one hour of prep (on all days except the day before the sem exam).

      Hope this helps,

      All the best!


      • Aditya says

        you yourself mentioned about DILR week and QA week etc and I am following that only. Did I miss something as in the comment you asked not to prepare one thing at a time.


  9. Hello sir!
    You mentioned once that we should re-solve some favourite problems before the test. Would solving a sudoku be equivalent? (I ask this because I haven’t compiled a large set of favourite problems, and those that I have compiled I already remember so it wouldn’t really be re-solving the question, right, if I remember the answer?)


    • You can solve a sudoku as long as you are not putting yourself under undue pressure. The idea is not to resolve but turn the problem over in terms of the beauty of the problem.


  10. Apoorv says

    Hi sir, I missed yesterday’s zen and art of test taking session due to some urgent work at last minute. Will a recording of the session be available ?


    • Apoorv says

      Sir can you please confirm the date by which your Zen session will get uploaded on my ims. I know I have already asked this question about Zen session twice but unfortunately I was not able to attend it live on that day due to some last minute work and now I wanted to watch it as early as possible as only 17 days are left till exam day


  11. Hello sir!
    My scores and my rank (not percentile) has been declining in the last 3 SIMs
    Could there be any other reason besides just pure decline of skill or something?


    • One of the reasons can be taking too many tests back to back. I have seen the same happen with me when I solve Sudoku puzzles incessantly, the brain stops being creative and goes into machine mode.


  12. hello sir,

    After taking many simcat and daily takehome simcat resolving again each simcat not getting even 10% more marks. Earlier i got at least 5 question correct in QA but right now when QA
    section about to start a calculation fixed in my mind that i scored less in previous 2 sections so i have to increased my attempt in last section, but instead i lost more marks than earlier. one more thing i solved quant many times as this is my 3rd attempt still not able to get output in quant .. Now i am soo underconfident just before 15 days that what will happen now


  13. nikhil says

    Hi sir
    I have 69/54/72 percent in my 10/12/grad and i am a footwear designer having 4 year work experience till July 2021 . This is my first attempt in cat iift and snap but i dont think that i will get better percentile coz my simcats is not going good and ranges between 50 to 55 percentile this year but i will give next year again can you suggest me that at what percentile Will i get the better b school ? and khin aisa to nhi ki better b school mile hi na profile ke according to year waste na ho jaye …
    plz sir suggest me something


    • Hi Nikhil,

      You need to score around 70 percentile in SimCATs to get decent schools. I suggest focussing on the tests which you find easier — IIFT, SNAP or NMAT.

      Leave next year for next year.

      All the best!


  14. Hello Sir!
    I was focusing on DILR scores this week, and I realised that while I judge the first three sets (in a moderate to low level difficulty paper) correctly according to the method you taught, when I’m done with them I have about 3-5 minutes left and I always choose the wrong set I the remaining two. So two things I wanted to clarify:
    >How much time do you recommend I take to judge the sets according to the scale you mentioned if I am targeting 3-4 sets?
    > Am I just supposed to skim through the conditions (this, I fear, is leading to a prejudiced sort of judgement?) or read them thoroughly (might take more time)


    • Hi,

      I think 3 sets is pretty good if you get all three of them right. 2 sets of a moderate-difficult paper and 3-sets on easy-moderate is pretty good in 40 minutes.

      To make most of the last 3-5 minutes it makes no sense to upset the balance of what is currently working.

      Anything you do — skimping time on selection or solving faster — will only jeopardise scores at this stage.

      All the best!


  15. Quaid says

    Hi sir,
    I don’t face much problem while solving DILR sets, but quite often I miss on the easier sets while taking mocks, that reduces my score. So, in case, unfortunately, if I solved a tougher set on the D-day and missed on some easier one, will I be getting any benefit in the normalized scores.


    • Hi Quaid,

      Normalisation has nothing to do with relative difficulty of sets/questions within a section or with accuracy.

      Basically, if in Slot 1, 24 marks = 95 percentile and in Slot 2, 28 marks = 95 percentile then they will be equated and scaled, so tougher slots are not penalised by looking at marks alone, how you got those marks (by answering easy ones of tough ones, with low or high accuracy is not their concern)

      Hope this helps,

      All the best!


  16. shubham says

    Sir, what should be last few days strategy ? giving mocks or revising concepts ? , totally confused please tell sir how to utilize these last few days to fullest ?


  17. Hi sir, i have been persistently facing this issue of not doing well in tough papers, and doing well in easy papers. and not because i cant do the tough questions, but more so because in tough papers i find it difficult to maintain my calm. and hence when i am not able to create that momentum, i find it difficult to bounce back in that section. what do you suggest sir, how should i tackle this issue?


    • Hi T,

      Tough papers are tough because of the relative paucity of easy-moderate questions. What you need to tell yourself is that you are to going to score a century on this pitch, a 50 is a great score and then focus fully on selection and get the easy-moderate one right.

      Hope this helps,

      All the best!


  18. Rishabh Gupta says

    Hello Sir. with the exam right around the corner, can you tell me the best way to revise everything? i mean should i goo through all the incorrect/skipped questions from SIMCATs or what should i do?


    • Hi Rishabh,

      There is nothing like revision since it is not a memory-based exam.

      You can go through the skipped and incorrect questions since those indicate your areas of improvement in terms of concepts and skills. This applies to all sections.

      All the best!


  19. Abhishek Agrawal says

    Hello sir,
    Thank you so much for all the strategies in the various sections. Listening to you really helps a lot. Just so grateful to have a teacher like you.


  20. Hello sir,
    I gave my final mock yesterday and scored 124 (97.2%ile). I have been scoring 100+ marks (96-98%ile) since the last few mocks, and due to this I’m feeling a little relaxed. Now I am mostly chilling and revisiting some questions here and there. But I’m very afraid because I’m not feeling worried at all and that due to my complacency I won’t actually be able to do well in the test. Kindly guide me what it is that one should be doing in the final 2-3 days.


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