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CAT 2015 Results: Previous Years’ WAT-GD-PI Compilation

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B-School Selection / WAT-GD-PI

The results of a few IIMs are out and most aspirants would be eager to know what usually happens in the second stage. What are kind of topics that are posed by each institute? What sort of questions are asked in Per Interviews. We have compiled a separate documents for each of the top institutes. Just one piece of advice before I share the link — Do not read the interview questions and start freaking […]

How to prepare for CAT 2015 WAT-GD-PI Part I

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Now that the IIFT-calls are out, the time to start preparing for WAT-GD-PI has come, at least for some students.But how does one go about it? It all seems like a vast sea with no beginning and no end. A single post covering all the three — WAT, GD & PI — will be unwieldy to say the least, so we will do a series of posts that will help you kick start your prep […]