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How to improve your Verbal Ability for CAT?

As discussed in the previous post, the Verbal Ability sections on the CAT and other tests end up testing aspirants’ general command over the language as much as the test-specific practice they have put in. So how does one improve one’s command over the language? How does one improve one’s reading speed? How does one widen the range of one’s vocabulary?

How to prepare for a CAT retake – Part II

    In the previous post, we discussed the mindset with which one should approach a CAT retake; in this post we shall look at a few more aspects with respect to a successful CAT retake. Since each one of you readers will have a different back story with respect to your first attempt and there will also be some non-IMS students among you as well, the focus of this post will be a bit wider.

The CAT 2015 Mock Test – An Analysis

It has been a while since the new CAT 2015 software was put up on the IIM-CAT site (I have to admit I have always found the name a bit cheesy :)). I wanted to wait a while to see how test-takers react to the new pattern in the SimCATs before doling out any sort of advice. [space size=”” line=”yes” style=”solid”] [title text=”Running out of steam by the Quant section”] Most of the students I have met have said that by the time they reach the Quant section they are mentally tired. The same would have applied to the Verbal section in the earlier pattern but the Quant section demands more mental energy since you are not entirely choosing between answer options as is the case on Verbal. The best indicators are of course the cut-offs — the Quant cut-off has dropped (marginally) whereas the VA-RC and DI-LR cut-offs have not changed. It is only going to get tougher on test-day. On test day you will need to report an hour or so before your …